365 Day Blog challenge Day 76 – Winter #365daychallenge

It’s another cold day and I’ve got another cold. This time with a nasty chesty cough. I’m really not a winter person. I’ve spent the last 2 months fighting off one bug or another and feeling sorry for myself.

I don’t mind the occasional bout of snow but it’s the rain that I hate. The constant wet and damp. I often wish I had the type of job of money to just go live somewhere warm for the winter season. Maybe I’ll have to make tat my retirement plan?

I have noticed seeing as this is a year of reflection that my behaviour towards illness has changed even just in a few months. At one point I’d have a cold or illness and my first thoughts would be oh I can’t cook tonight I’ll have to order a pizza or I’m feeling sorry for myself I’ll buy the biggest chocolate bar I could or both

Today I’m under some lap blankets and I’m having sensible meals and even though I’m having a curry tonight it’s not a takeaway, it’s home cooked and a lot less fatty. I dd nip outside earlier to swap some library books and went to a coffee shop for a hot drink while I waited for the bus and didn’t have a bun or food with it. I came home and had lunch.
Sounds small but for me it’s a lifestyle change that’s quite big.

So here’s to spring and hopefully some warmer weather sooner rather than later


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