365 Day Blog challenge Day 77 – Letting Go of what doesn’t serve you #365daychallenge

I’m still full of cold, still under the blanket fort of self pity and seeing as I’ve spent the last 77 days thinking about and dealing with my demons my thoughts today have moved onto books.

I’ve decided to get rid of my JK Rowling Harry Potter books. I decided earlier in the year to re-read them. This is the first time since Deathly Hallows came out in 2007. Since then they’ve gathered dust on the shelves. I’ve read the complete set of Pratchett Discworld books twice in that time and there’s 41 of them. I think I’ve seen the HP film series a good 3 or 4 times in the 11 years since the last book.

I’ve managed 3 HP books and I’m thinking they’re …okay. I have a feeling it could be another 11 years until I read them again. So I’ve decided to sell them. I’ve less money this year than previous years but still the same things to save up for so the money raised (all £4 of it…) will go towards the new passport I need. And if I do want to read them again…then that’s what libraries are for.

But it’s made me think about the things we cling onto whether because we feel we should, or because it cost us lots of money originally or because we thought something was cool or pretty. My mum has 32 dinner services. She lives alone and uses the same plate, cup and bowl all the time. She bought the dinner sets because she thought they were pretty and because the shopping filled a need at the time. They’re not even on display like my books. They’re in the garage, getting damp and dusty.

We cling onto these things then that serve no purpose to us. Letting go of these things is good for the soul no matter what the item. So the books are going. I feel quite pleased with the decision and there’s now space on the shelves for books I will read in more than one decade.



2 thoughts on “365 Day Blog challenge Day 77 – Letting Go of what doesn’t serve you #365daychallenge

  1. I know exactly how you feel about things. I love my HP books and will keep them, but there are some things I have held from childhood that have now been given to charity or binned if no good. We are led to believe we should hold onto everything, but sometimes things no longer hold a purpose like it used to and letting go of things we spend loads of money on is hard. It also annoys me to. I have loads of things that I spent loads of money on and yet a few months/years on they are worthless, therefore making it harder to let go. Good on you for clearing out. x

    • That’s so true. Mum was telling me about one of the dinner sets costing over £300. She would never get that on a re-sale and it’s never left the box.

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