365 Day Blog challenge Day 80 – Illness #365daychallenge

The sinus pain and cold is still lingering. I don’t know why but I rarely get sick but when I get a cold I get a COLD! I get sneezing attacks that can go on for over 5 minutes, I get chest and sinus infections and sometimes I’m so exhausted I can barely stand.

I went down to London yesterday with all of the above and I have no idea about the day. I somehow did a 2.5 hour train journey down, sat in an all day meeting and did the journey back home again. Luckily I made some notes because this morning I couldn’t remember anything about the previous day.

I don’t know what it is about my sinus issues. I was told by my mum that I had polyps and that the doctor said they couldn’t be removed as they would grow back. Sadly I don’t know how true this is as she’s told lies before. I should find out for definite but for only a couple of times a year (sometimes not that) I put up with it.

But it’s no wonder I have trust issues. I once had to go through heart tests because I was told my mum said she had a heart murmur and the docs couldn’t find my heartbeat. Turns out there’s no heart murmur, I was strapped to monitors for no reason and I just have a  very slow (but healthy) heart rate. When challenged I was told that I must have made the whole thing up.

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have more imaginary illnesses. I’ve heard so many tall tales in my life I’m surprised I’m not a hypochondriac. So I’m going to continue to rest up over the weekend and get rid of these germs and the next time I need a doctor I’ll go find out about what’s actually going on with my nose.


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