365 Day Blog challenge Day 81 – Nearly There #365daychallenge

I made the right decision to take today off work. After working 3 days with the cold bug from hell (I’m such a drama queen 🙂 ) I wanted an extra day to my weekend where I can sit in my PJs, watch the Biggest Loser and then take my time getting ready to go see Ruby Wax tonight.

I stood on the scales this morning and I’ve gained 2lbs. I’m both disappointed (because I don’t want to gain weight) but at the same time I’ll take it and work with it because even in the middle of my pity party I have still not had any chocolate/cake/biscuits since the 1st January (39 days) and no carbonated drinks since 4th Jan (35 days).

I have fallen back on bad habit number 3 which is is excess carbs. I had a pizza, pasta and too much bread. (Plus not as much walking) so now I can see where the dangers are and it’ll be a  weekend of protein to pull it back.

I’m not surprised really though. I’ve done the old Slimming World years ago with red (meat) and green (veggie) days where I usually had green days and lots of carbs. I could lose weight but at about half a pound a week. On the occasions I went with the meat/red diet I lost 2 or 3lbs a week. Only problem is I don’t really like meat. So time to go get me some meat substitute products and lots of veg.

I can see now what the next challenge needs to be. Get back on my feet and move about. And reduce the carbs so that pasta is a treat not a daily occurrence.  2018 is the year of kicking the habits and I’ve killed the biggest ones and not revived them at a low point (go me woo hoo!) so I can do this too 🙂


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