365 Day Blog challenge Day 84 – Love Yourself #365daychallenge

There’s a group on Facebook that at the minute is asking daily questions regarding self care and loving yourself (especially if you are single) in the run up to Valentines Day. One of the questions the other day was What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself?

I have given it some thought and I could say leaving an abusive husband, quitting sugar & fizzy drinks, returning to study but I think I’ll answer the question by saying I give myself time…

I became, in my worst days, one of those persons who run around everywhere, doing things for everybody, comparing myself to everyone for not having the same body, personality, house as everyone else. Thinking there must be something wrong with me for not doing as good. I never stopped to rest because I was so busy competing.

And when the day came that my brain refused to cope anymore and I had my breakdown none of the above came to anything. So I learnt to put me first. My son was 17 and so understanding of the need for some selfishness. My only other concession to me-time was to look after the cat.

It didn’t happen overnight. I had so much to let go of but now if if I’ve had a long work week and am tired. If, like this week, it’s been a long work week with a virus added in then I give myself time. The world won’t stop turning because I opted to ignore the vacuuming to have an extra half hour in bed or if I didn’t wipe the skirting board and had a long bubble bath instead. Those things are heavenly to me. And they’re all about me.

It’s not time wasted when it restores your equilibrium and your mind set. It’s highly worth it to let those stress levels reduce and you can forget about all the worries of the day.

My house is clean, you can come and check the skirting boards 🙂

But my mental and physical health will always come first. I rest when I need to and get the jobs done when my energy levels are higher. I give myself time for myself. To relax, to let the cares ebb away and I’ve found, over the years that it’s one of the best things I could ever have done for myself.


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