365 Day Blog challenge Day 86 – Valentine’s Day #365daychallenge

Today is Valentine’s Day so Following on from yesterday’s post I thought I’d tell you about a visualisation I found once in a self-help book. The visualisation is called Build a Boyfriend and I’ve had lots of fun playing with this.
There are lots of questions that it asks you – not just to picture the physical aspects of your imaginary man (or partner of choice) but what do you want from them in terms of personality, sexuality (no just straight/gay but experimental, traditional, 50 shades or no sex at all). It also asks for likes and dislikes so for example must love dogs and hate football.

It really gets into the nitty gritty of what you want in a partner. There’s no guarantee that you would actually find this amazing partner. The idea of it is that it opens you up to the idea of looking for one. You may get the tall, dark and handsome you wished for but rather than the all you can eat meat buffet lover you find a vegan. You should probably be specific if you want a fellow foodie. I tried it twice before. The first time the dates followed however I wasn’t specific enough in terms of personality and as with yesterday’s post had a few lousy dates.
The second time I tried it I’d been watching Thor and may have described Tom Hiddleston. Neither him nor anyone like him turned up. So that’s probably a word of warning – try not to picture your media crush.

It’s a fun game to do and you’re putting it out to the universe you are in the market for someone new to come along into your life. If I’m going to be more visible and dating would be part of that then I have to start somewhere. Dating sites and so on can follow on once I know what I want. But I’m curious. Hopefully this time will be 3rd time lucky. I’ll let you know


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