365 Day Blog challenge Day 88 – The Week That Was #365daychallenge

It’s Thursday so my last day at work before my weekend. It’s 1.30 and I have another 3 hours to go so sneaking this blog in as I’ve not a lot to do.

I’ve felt very ‘meh’ this week. My energy levels are still low after last weeks virus. I’m craving carbs like crazy and I can’t wait to go home and shut the world away.

Every Thursday morning we have a team call where we have to discuss how we feel on a scale of 1-10. I couldn’t muster up more than a 6 and on the couple of occasions people have asked me how I am at work this week I haven’t even had the energy to plaster on a fake smile.

I’ve got an assignment to hand in this weekend but it’s mostly written so my aim is to get done first thing tomorrow morning then I’m going to try and push myself to get out and about the rest of the weekend. It doesn’t look like it will rain (much) so maybe a walk will shift this crappy feeling and perk me up.

I feel like all the hard work I’ve been doing over the last 6 weeks could be lost if I don’t pull myself out of this slump. I watched a make over programme last month where the people had to lose upwards of 10 stone each. They did magnificently for a while then had a slump gaining weight and losing their smiles. I wondered at first if it was part of a genuine journey or if edited for maximum viewing entertainment. But I’m feeling it a bit on a smaller scale so I’m more inclined now to believe it. So many of these self help books and inspirational stories miss out the slumps so as part of being totally honest in my blog (and for me to see patterns as I look back) I’m putting this out there.

I think it’s just because I have the residual low mood from last week and in the back of my mind I know what I have to do to get back on it and have the feelings of wanting to. So time to strap on my sports shoes and go somewhere nice to clear my head.


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