365 Day Blog challenge Day 94 – Smile #365daychallenge

One of the challenges in the Flirtology book (by Jean Smith) is to smile at strangers. Smith believes everyone loves to receive smiles. She’s obviously never met a civil servant. There are about 2000 people working out of my building and I know maybe 20 of them so this morning I decided to smile at people on my way to my desk. The usual cheery security guard wasn’t on shift so no joy there. Then everyone else just either ignored me or gave me a filthy look. Good job I’m made of sterner stuff or I’d be quite offended.
It’s also been a morning of rudeness. The man sharing the lift got in first and just gruffly shouted ‘Floor!’ at me rather than ask politely which lift floor button he could press on my behalf. And the girl sat next to me on the bus reached out past me to press the bell, then stood up and waited calmly for me to realise and get out of her way. Apparently ‘Excuse me’ was too difficult. I know she could talk because she’d spent the entirety of the journey talking to someone on their phone. Neither of them are getting a smile then. Manners don’t really cost much and can make or break a persons day.
But I’m determined on this particular challenge to keep smiling (and as per other posts keep talking). I’m enjoying it and as I’ve posted over the last week it’s led to some interesting chats. And, I’ve found smiling more lifts my mood regardless of reaction. And as part of my self care that’s the most important thing

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