365 Day Blog challenge Day 95 – Self Care #365daychallenge

From the end of January to the end of March I’ve got the anniversary of 5 deaths. It’s also the 3 year anniversary of my (hopefully last ever) breakdown and the near loss of my house. Two years ago I struggled with pain and had to give up a job I loved. I tend to struggle with mood a lot over this period of time.  Last year I was a bit blindsided by this as the previous 2 years before I had pain and anxiety/depression covering up other issues. This year I’m more prepared but still struggling with mood swings. My best friend is also ill and after a diagnosis of epilepsy I’m learning myself about the illness and how I can help. So it’s more important than ever to make sure I practise my self care.
Previously this has been through over eating – sweets, cake, biscuits, cookies, pizza and probably more things I’ve forgotten. Not really good care. I’m very conscious of not eating those things now. I also used to medicate with luxurious baths but after my water bill doubled I’m having to re-think that too.
So how can I care for myself now?
My go to is generally books. I love to read and I find that I can lose myself in a story no matter what the external trauma. It’s saved me many times. I try to go read sometimes in a coffee shop. I’ve found a couple who’s background music I find soothing rather than jarring and that also helps with relaxation.
Or, weather dependent, I’ll go for a walk. Last week I went to the museum.
I know some people go to the gym or run but those things don’t appeal to me.
My friend has been doing a 31 days of self care challenge, answering  question each day. I think I might try it as I’m struggling to think of other things I do to relax and feel good about myself. It will be especially interesting to do over my ‘bleak’ period.
I nearly just gave a list of hobbies but really are they self care or just things you enjoy? I think this one may be more work than I initially thought but something I should think about more as that’s what 2018 is meant to be all about and while it’s good to have more focus on my weight and food, not to mention my personal life I still need to make sure that I take care of what’s inside just as much
What do you do towards your own self care?

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