365 Day Blog challenge Day 99 – I Will Survive #365daychallenge

The title of this blog came about after a question was raised in one of my FB groups: What was your biggest achievement in February?

For me it was simply surviving. February has the anniversary of 4 deaths. It’s also the time when 3 years ago my debt problems were at their worst, my house was falling down around my ears and I nearly lost it. It’s also the time a few years ago when my health was at its worst causing me to give up a job I loved.

So the month usually hits me hard. Last year I had to move my annual leave forward as I needed some me time to deal with everything. Up until the end of last year my normal method of dealing with anything was to eat. Big share bags of sweets to myself every day, pizzas, cake and so much more. I ate away pain

This year I tried to brace myself for the moods swings and I pretty much managed it. I found support from my management line that I’ve not had in many years. I have my friends and family to talk to.

I had a few biscuits. I had a weird urge for some Tunnocks teacakes (marshmallowy biscuits). I also had a pizza and some fish and chips. I did spend a lot of money on food but I still haven’t bought any chocolate or fizzy drinks so while I still have things to work on I didn’t resort to many of my emotional eating foods.

I kept up to my footsteps, I practised my conversations and visibility. I’ve practised mindful eating and I tried to get my sunshine in whenever the weather was good. I’m really proud of myself for not falling onto the worst of my bad habits.

I’m looking forward to March. I’ve only one death anniversary (at the end) but spring is on the way and I have my new habits to continue. I’ve proven to myself I don’t need my negative behaviours now and that I can deal with whatever stresses me positively.

Here’s to even more achievements next month.



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