365 Day Blog challenge Day 102 – Comparisons #365daychallenge

One of the things about being addicted to The Biggest Loser is it makes me think. Past life me used to watch it by barely glimpsing at the TV screen and stuffing my face with pizza. These days I try and take on board information.

Currently Sky are showing season 11 of TBL Australia. They’ve just introduced the newest round of contestants and my first impression was they’re not as huge as usual contestants. That’s probably because the last few series of both Australia and America have had 500lb people on there.

But then they showed this woman who’s goal is to wear a bikini on the beach when she goes down with her husband and child. At the minute she goes to the beach wearing leggings and a knee length cardigan. Watching it at first I was baffled why she was on the show. Her weight and body size looked completely ‘normal’. She didn’t seem overweight or look ‘fat’. Why was she even there????

Then they had her in her underwear and showed her weight and I had a massive shock. We’re the same weight! And very similar in shape. I completely identify with her feelings. There’s no way I’m wearing a  bikini. I’m not even sure I’d wear a one piece. The funny thing is I see her and see someone with a normal non-exercising body shape. I see me and see a frump, overweight and bodily ugly. Yet we’re the same!

It’s odd how we see ourselves and how we compare ourselves to each other. And comparisons are dangerous. They can be so damaging to self esteem and our moods. But I’m now sure how we stop. I gave up showbiz magazines a long time ago after I saw 2 magazines side by side where one named a famous woman and said how happy with she was with her body. In the magazine next to it the exact same picture and headline how she was disgusted with her body and about to start a huge transformation. How are we, the general public, supposed to understand that?  It’s so damaging. Easy to give up following these magazines, harder when it’s a neighbour or person in the street.

So new challenge to add to the others. Time to stop comparing. Time to learn to love my body no matter what size whilst learning to give it the love it deserves through healthy eating and exercise.


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