365 Day Blog challenge Day 104 – Its Snow Joke #365daychallenge

Yesterday I talked about wanting to take a break from Facebook memories as they made me feel sad and anxious. Today I want to quit FB and Twitter because I’m sick of the site of snow posts. Seriously you’d think the country had never seen snow before. Every other post is a picture of snow. I know it’s been snowing because I can see it out of my window. I’ve been out in it going to work. I like seeing pictures of my friends kids sledging or building snowmen but do I really need 50 odd posts of snow in the street. Exactly the same as all the posts of the next street. It’s not social media sharing, it’s stating the bloody obvious.

The whole country broke down. Thursday I decided to join in and worked from home but really I’ve seen much worse. I remember in the late 1970’s my dad having to carry me everywhere (I was 6) because the snow came up to his thighs. Even 10 years ago I was trudging through 2 foot of snow to go to work in another city. Yet this week with less snow the supermarket couldn’t deliver my shopping – twice. I saw on twitter other countries (Canada a main one) laughing at us. I don’t blame them

I read an article that says our government won’t pay to have the infrastructure to cope with snow because in most cases it doesn’t last long and is a bit pathetic when it does happen. It’s cheaper to have the loss of business for a few days. I understand that completely but I also think it makes for an easy excuse for some.

Funny last week I was going for a long week in the park marvelling at the spring flowers fighting their way through and ready for the next season to kick in. Monday is meant to be a lot warmer and I can’t wait.


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