365 Day Blog challenge Day 107 – Suite Life #365daychallenge

I’ve pre-written this as when it’s due to be published I’ll be working away in London and won’t have a great deal of access to wordpress and blogging.

I quite like working away. I often miss being able to get out and about meeting new people as part of my job. Plus I really like staying in hotels, having someone cook all your meals and clean your room. Yeah, yeah I probably just want to be a child again but without the troubled childhood 🙂

I tend to have a bit of a routine in hotels that I don’t do anywhere else. For a start I tend to ignore every TV channel except for one – Dave TV. I barely watch it at home but stick me in a hotel room and it’s the first thing I put on. Evening meals I try and get out and try somewhere. It’s still cold and miserable and now the snow storms are going we’re forecast a week of rain (the joys of England) so I doubt this time I’ll go far. Although it is meant to be warm so we’ll see.

And I love hotel breakfasts! I barely eat anything for breakfast at home. I quickly grab some toast or pack some fruit for later. I don’t tend to be hungry until several hours after I’ve woken. But again once in a hotel I love breakfast buffets. It’s a bit of a treat as I can count the times I have a fried English breakfast annually on one hand. But Wednesday morning you’ll fine me loading up my plate with usually the vegetarian option.

I’ve got some job development training to do so it’ll be a busy two days but I’m looking forward to it. Something different to break up the samey-ness of a regular day. I’ll fill you in in the next blog as I’ll be back home again then 🙂


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