365 Day Blog challenge Day 108 – Public Transport #365daychalleng

I’ve had another few days where I really wished I could drive. Not that I’d probably be able to find a parking space in London while I’ve been working here but the idea that if all else failed I could still have a way to get to and fro.

My journey down yesterday was horrific. I got to my train station to find the train cancelled as had half the others for the coming day. I managed to catch and earlier one but had to share it with the people who had paid to be on that train and all the people on the one I should’ve been on. My employer paid £225 for me to stand up for 2 hours because people were crammed into the train.

And the apology?…..

Last weeks snow had broken a lot of the trains. That’s definitely a first. I mentioned in the post ‘It’s snow joke’ that I’d seen on twitter other countries laughing because the UK fell apart because of some snow. I bet their trains don’t break down a week later because some snow fell. Last week cars still ran, I got a taxi on a regular basis, the buses went above and beyond to get people where they needed to be. Yet the trains broke because of the snow (don’t get me started on why the supermarket delivery drivers couldn’t work when everyone else could. I’ll be ranting all day 🙂 )

I’m due to go back home in a couple of hours and been keeping an eye on the website to check for any more cancellations. There were quite a few this morning but so far no issues to where I need to go. I am touching wood and keeping all the bits crossed that can be crossed I get home ok.

Tomorrow after work I’m going for a meal with some friends I haven’t seen in 3 months so will probably post a quick food related blog then normal service should resume on Friday


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