365 Day Blog challenge Day 110 – Busy Thinking Nothing #365daychallenge

I’ve had a busy but very rare week where I’ve hardly thought at all. I’ve limited my time on social media so I’ve not got wound up by the endless negative posts and political tweets. I’ve not been reading any self help books so I’ve not had to think about past issues, how to move forward or change myself in anyway.

I’ve not worried about money despite spending two days in London away from home. I have completely for the last 6 days let go of everything and just lived in the moment and it’s been glorious.

My only concerns have been around public transport and getting to and from London (poor train services) and the sudden snow on ungritted roads meaning working from home. Even that didn’t cause much issue for me as I have a laptop, the systems were working for once and I got plenty done.

I need to try this again sometimes. I’m feeling very zen right now which is kind of a  good thing as this weekend is all about my next uni assignment. Then again that’s 90% done so I just need a conclusion and a brief write up of my writing process.

This week the world has been so bright I’ve needed shades.


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