365 Day Blog challenge Day 111 – Creature of Habit #365daychallenge

I’ve had a few comments over the last few days that suggests I’m a bit of a creature of habit. Yesterday I went to my local supermarket cafe and after ordering tea and toast the guy at the till said ‘I don’t need to explain to you about the order numbers’ and smiled. Then this morning I nipped into my favourite coffee shop and they knew I wanted tea and pastry even though I had spent 5 minutes eyeing up the cake. And they were right, I’d actually be trying to decide whether I wanted to stick to what I like or get the cake and an extra point on my loyalty card.

But is that a bad thing? I guess if I ever come to the attention to a serial killer/stalker that likes overweight women in their mid 40’s it’s not a good thing but otherwise I don’t see what harm it can do. I don’t feel like I’m a rut with anything. The supermarket breakfast is usually a Friday treat before shopping and my tea/pastry is a treat before my late shift and my main bit of sugar while I try and lose weight.

I am wondering about the idea of meeting new people though if I should mix it up a bit – try some different cafes? I keep saying I’m gonna go to the one at the book store and never do. Definitely should fine some like minded people there.

I was trying to think of other ways in which I have habits and I think I’m ok on the rest. I’ve even been known to skip the weekly ironing 🙂

So I’m not too concerned. Life is made up of the little things we do and sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere where they know your name and order. I might confuse them next week though by finally having that slice of cake 🙂


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