365 Day Blog challenge Day 112 – Mothers Day UK #365daychallenge

Today is Mothers Day in the UK and I’m keeping away from social media until it’s over. I never feel like I can post anything without lying about the day so I don’t bother. I’ve written before about having a fractious relationship with my mum. It’s been a lifetime of lies, manipulations and certainly mental abandonment.

She’s been doing it again recently by trying to emotionally manipulate me and my brother into looking after her in her older years. She spends a lot of time saying her children don’t check up on her but forgets that she never rings us. The only time she rings to see if I am ok is when I’ve posted something negative on feedback.

She has decided that now she will end up dying alone because of this. I find it frustrating because I do fall for it. I don’t like to see anyone alone. I can’t decide whether I should toughen up and let her live with the events she has created or accept myself as a ‘snowflake’, let it go and see what happens.

It’s hard because no matter what I think we all want our parents and their love whatever age we get to. I just wish mine didn’t come with caveats attached.


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