365 Day Blog challenge Day 113 – Getting Out #365daychallenge

Finally! I managed to get out and start joining some clubs. I wanted to do this last month but…you know…snow. And then more snow so it didn’t happen.

I’ve been trying to think of things I like so I can work out how to do them in a less solitary way and meet up with people. My world has shrunk to revolve around books and I found it really hard to write a list of what I enjoy but I’m slowly getting there.

So tonight was a crime book club. At first I was a bit worried as apart from the host everyone was a pensioner but after a few minutes a couple of people closer to my own age turned up. It’s was quite a well attended club and very chatty and noisy. As a group I really liked it and it’s great to leave my comfort zone. Everyone made me feel welcome.

I will keep going but it was predominantly older people so who I can’t see accompanying me to the local arena for some heavy metal concerts but you never know who will turn up from month to month so I wont make too many assumptions 🙂

I’ve another crime one at the local book store in a couple of weeks that I’m also looking forward to so that’s 2 new things. Woo hoo. I will spend a couple of weeks looking at making my list longer and see what else is out there.



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