365 Day Blog challenge Day 114 – Do One Good Thing For Yourself This Week #365daychallenge

Every week on a self care Facebook group I’m in the admins pose the questions; What is one thing you are going to do for yourself this week?

There’s usually a good mix of answers and they tend to be individual to the poster. For me this week I’m going to work on my fitness levels. I’m one pound away from my first Wonderland weight goal and I know whenever I get close to these things the self sabotage kicks in. I’ve kept an eye on my eating but I probably have had a couple of caramel slices I wouldn’t normally have. So it’s time to take stock and push forward.

Looking back over my spread sheet of footsteps taken and weight lost the snow cost me in the amount of walking I got done so this is what I intend to do for myself this week. I am going to hit 10,000 steps per day. On a typical work day I hit about 7k. If I go for a walk at lunch time that figure is easily achievable. Already this week (it’s a Tuesday) I’ve done 11k and today 13k. On days where it’s too rainy (we’re expecting more rain and storms. It’s really unseasonable and I’m trying to avoid climate change rants…) I work in an office that has 8 floors and sits 2000 staff so I’ll wander up and down the building a bit.

I’m also going to do the Fitness in Five sessions daily. Really how I never seem to be able to find just 5 minutes per day for a quick exercise session is beyond me. I know it’s pure laziness. I’ve done one of those this week (I dd it today)

That just leaves the weekend and I often fall short on these days. I was until the weather turned bad, picking certain routes in Leeds and walking them rather than taking the bus – walking from one set of shops to another and so on. Just finding reasons to be outside in the fresh air. The snow has messed that up so I’ll be walking about all over this weekend hopefully to make up for it. I can do over a mile and half just walking to the nearby Macdonalds for a cup of tea.

So no excuses. This week I am going to be kind to my body by pushing it. It will thank me later when I’m no longer over weight 🙂


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