365 Day Blog challenge Day 115 Football and knitting #365daychallenge

This morning I had a brief twitter conversation with an ex-footballer who was advocating knitting as a mood booster for depression. It’s something I can really endorse. I was taught to knot as a child. I had a childhood form of arthritis which caused lots of pain in my hands and knee joints so I couldn’t move about too much. The use of the knitting needles helped keep my fingers a bit more supple and stopped them seizing up.
As an adult I knitted as a form of self care. There’s something wonderful in watching your creation grow whether it’s a simple square or a complex pattern. At 12 I was crafting loads of cable knit clothes (it was the 80’s..) and toys. These days I love doing squares and putting them together as rugs or blankets.
I think crafting of any form is great for depression and as a mood booster. Just sitting down and creating something from scratch. Whether that’s knitting, crochet, felting, writing, drawing, building shapes from playdoh & clay.
One of the great things I saw about this twitter post was that it came from a man. Knitting is often only discussed in terms of the feminine yet there are some great pattern creating males out there. I hate the phrase man up and the connotations that men should bottle up depression and not talk and the idea that they do makes them less in some way. I have depression but so does my son. If he hadn’t been encouraged to talk he may not be here now as at one point he couldn’t see a future.
His crafting and creating comes from photography.
So it’s great to see a public figure firstly talk about depression but secondly being open to all forms of self care.
I’ve never been a big football fan but I am a fan of inspirational people and this was something great to see today

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