365 Day Blog challenge Day 117 Who Am I? #365daychallenge

I’ve been trying to write a list of things that I like. I spend (so many others do) so much time going to work, travelling to and from work, cooking the evening meal then crashing at the end of the day. I’ve been cramming in so much reading in between (a pleasure so no complaints with that) that I have almost forgotten what else I like.
In a previous blog I wrote about getting out more and trying to find ways to do that in order to meet new people and broaden my social life. I think one of the reasons I found it harder to do was because my life is revolving around the above and I’ve almost forgotten what else brings me joy
So I’ve spent this week keeping a note on my phone and writing down things I like as I think of them or something reminds me of I enjoy. Then I can work out how to maximise this and become less insular. I can then see how I can do something with these that moves the plan forward. I’m already up to 4 book clubs so I need to leave that alone for now J
Some of the things I’ve come up with are theatre, cinema, music concerts and comedy shows; history and genealogy; singing & dancing and the 1940/50’s. There is a choir at work but I don’t have the range to do anything like that. I get out of breath so I believe I need exercises so instead of the choir some singing classes may work. Same for dancing.
My other issue is lack of money so for all the things I could do I need them to fit in with a limited budget. Makes it more difficult but not impossible.
It also doesn’t feel like enough. I feel like there are more things out there that I enjoy that because I’m thinking about it I’m not remembering. So I’m going to let it go for now and just observe the world, I’m sure that way some more things will jump out at me.

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