365 Day Blog challenge Day 120 Mindful March (1) #365daychallenge

My 120th post, just a few days of completing a third of the challenge. I feel like I’m going into a week where not a great deal is going to happen so as March is Mindfulness month on the Action for Happiness calendar I’ll take a few pointers for them to write about.

Today (19th March) says: Listen deeply to someone and really notice their hands and face. I’ve taken zero notice so far of any of my colleagues (and probably the same vice versa) but I did meet a friend for lunch who gave me an update on a recent illness and whether she would be returning to work. I paid no attention to her hands (doing well aren’t I??) mostly as she was eating a McDonalds. I wasn’t deliberately staring at her face either. I thought that might be a bit unnerving. I think to carry out this action it doesn’t necessary work when have a one to one conversation about stressful things. I knew she may get upset, she did have watery eyes but if I sat just staring at someone intensely while they talked they may be even more upset.

Or maybe that’s just my thinking…. I don’t like people overly staring. For me it’s a bit much. So I think this is one thing for me to look at. How often do I look at someone when they are talking and how often do I look elsewhere? And then working out how much is concentrating on the one person and how much is a weird stare. I’ve probably never thought about this before. Has anyone? Do we ‘listen’ to someone but 90% of the time nod where we think is the right place all the while thinking about our To Do lists? I’m going to practise this a bit more as it’s an interesting point

An older one from 4th March: Go nature spotting. Even in a city, life is all around. Yesterday I randomly took a photo of a pigeon. I have no idea why beyond being intrigued watching it waddle around the busy bus station without a care in the world. I like to think I’m mindful but the more I look at this calendar (link at the end) the more I realise I’m not. I practise Eckhart Tolle’s Now theory of being present within every day life and thought it was similar but I really don’t stop and pay much attention to my surroundings. I know there are some snowdrops that are determined to grow at the end of my street despite the constant snow we’re having. They show up every year so it’s not really noticing them. There’s a squirrel that lives in the trees nearby but again not something I spot by being mindful but mostly because I see it scavenging in my garden. So tonight when I leave work I have to go to another part of Leeds to the library before going home. I’m going to see what nature I can see rather than rushing for one bus then another. I’ll update later in the week

Action for Happiness calendars


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