365 Day Blog challenge Day 122 Baggy Trousers #365daychallenge

As you’ll know if you’ve read my posts the quest to lose weight and get healthier is going well. I’m now having the strange issue of being in-between clothes. There are many downsides to having this debt repayment plan. One is having to use the cheaper end of the high street shops to buy clothes. I know paying more will mean that the clothes last longer but finding the money for now for these isn’t happening so it’s cheap and cheerful as with everything else. The downside of doing this is many of these clothes are made in sweatshops.

My mum used to be a seamstress in one of the factories when I was a young girl. As we had no child minder I often had to go to work with her in the holidays. It was a horrible place. So dark and grey. I still go past the building daily on my way to work and still get shudders. And that was a business that simply made air hostess uniforms. I’d hate to be in one of the ones we read about where people work all day for pennies.

Buying these cheap clothes means that the size you want is never what you could end up with. I have 4 pairs of (UK) sized 16 trousers at home. With the weight loss 2 pairs of them are now baggy and when I’ve lost a few more pounds will probably be unwearable for work being too big. However the other 2 are the exact same size on the label and I can’t fasten them at the waist and all were bought in the same shop. It’s no wonder women get stressed over clothes not fitting.

Is this an issue with men’s clothing?

You spend more hours than are needed trying on clothes because of this. It’s can also be soul destroying. If I go into Primark (trying to compare, thinking maybe Old Navy but cheaper) I actually often have to go up 3 dress sizes just so the clothes fit. And I still struggle. It’s impossible to buy dresses from them because the sizes are all over the place. It’s really not good for self esteem.

I just have 2 more years to put up with it. I should by then be at the weight I want to be and reward myself with some well designed and made clothes for the new me. I’m looking forward to the nice fabrics rather than the cheap polyesters. And I’m looking forward to buying decent clothes that are made by companies I believe in ethically rather than having to ignore that because of my own circumstances



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