365 Day Blog challenge Day 123 Cake #365daychallenge

Yesterday I was in an all day meeting that broke in the middle for lunch at a nearby Japanese (I think) restaurant. I’m not big on noodles so had a meal with rice. Today I have another meal out but in a Spanish place. Last time we were there, there wasn’t a great deal on the menu I liked so had paella so I’m expecting to have more rice tonight

On top of that my colleague is retiring on Tuesday next week and brought in cake today. Even the smallest piece was quite sugary and full of food colouring.

Before I started looking at my diet I would eat all these things and carry on. I was always sluggish and achey but never really thought about how food was affecting me. Now…eating better even with just the rice meal yesterday straight away I could feel a difference in myself. The food was good but restaurant food always does tend to be cooked in oils, sugars or butters you wouldn’t use at home. You eat things you avoid at home and no matter how fresh the ingredients you can’t always find a light option.

I thought the small piece of cake I had today would affect me with the sugar but actually I just felt sick afterwards. I can see now where damage can be done and I will probably try and avoid these things more.

I’m sure it will affect me on the scales too. I’m not going to stress over it. I have 2 days where the events are close together and this will happen from time to time. I just have to remember that tomorrow I don’t continue with bad foods and go back to eating decent home cooked healthy options. And this is where old me fell down. I would have just carried on eating. New me is already planning on how I can pull things back and look after myself. This is one of my biggest signs that I am changing. Not the weight loss or as I wrote in an earlier blog a lightening in eyes and so on but that I’m aware of my behaviours and actively looking at how I can change or how to work within events that would have de-railed me.


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