365 Day Blog challenge Day 125 Challenges #365daychallenge

I’ve just requested a book from netgalley about a woman who is given weekly challenges for a year and how it affects her life. It’s made me think about challenges I set myself. I’e listed a few throughout the last 125 days but I used to use a website called the Day Zero project that I need to go revisit.

The original premise was 101 things to do in 1001 days but there are other lists to do such as 52 things in 52 weeks and things to do before you hit a certain decade. I know I never completed all 101 things.

It always amazed me what I took for granted when I looked at other people’s lists. Some had change my hair colour. I’ve been playing with hair colours for 30 years. The website also gives you lots of hints and tips about making your lists. Top 10’s of holiday detsinations, skills you can learn, food to eat. When I frst started it I remember doing an A-Z of films and one of books challenge to open my eyes more to things. Plus a list of 10 new teas to try 🙂

Small things but they broaden the horizen even if only a small amount.

It’s a great way to start off a bucket list and challenge yourself into doing something new. I think when I have my week off work after next Thursday I’m going to sit and write a new list. I don’t think some of the things on mine fit me anymore. It’s fun and can add a bit of sparkle to life.

The link is below:

Day Zero Project


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