365 Day Blog challenge Day 126 R ‘n’ R #365daychallenge

I’ve spent a lot of time telling other people to rest and take time for themselves lately and yet I’ve come to realise I’ve not taken my own advice.

I mentioned the other day that I just keep getting one cold or flu bug after another and I think my immune system needs some rest. I now think I personally need some rest. I was going over my footsteps for the last few weeks and I’ve rarely gone below 9000. I’ve a couple of mad days at work next week including one with some really long travel. Then I can have a week off.

I’m really looking forward to it even if I have booked lots of things to do. Mostly those things involve sitting around in cafes with people I haven’t seen in a long time.

I wanted a day to myself today to rest which didn’t get off to the best start as I had to get up and go with my mum to a craft trade centre. I was hoping to spend the day in my PJs. On the other hand she’s taken away a blouse I need amending so I suppose I got something out of it. Once I got back home the PJs came on and I’ve been sat on the couch reading ever since (breaking off when I remembered I needed to write this blog)

I don’t feel guilty about taking time for myself. I just have got in the habit of pushing myself I forgot about my own self care a bit. So from now until the end of the month I will still count my steps as that’s a challenge for 2018 but I won;t get hung up over it, I won’t be pushing myself to do that little bit further. I will be coming home and relaxing. My body needs a break and I intend to give it one


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