365 Day Blog challenge Day 129 Big yourself up #365daychallenge

I had my end of year meeting at work today. For us we have to write 300 ish words stating what we have done over the year. There’s a set of benchmarks to measure yourself against while you do it.

Tomorrow I have to re-write mine because I missed huge chunks out of it. While I said how well my day to day work went I didn’t say how I achieved some of the work I’ve done. I’ve had to deal with difficult stakeholders, manage some terrible expectations and shmooze some data analysts to get data from them. I simply said I got a commission and did the work!

But I aslo missed off how much I’ve supported my colleagues in between my own day job to enable them to meet their targets too. For me I would always try and help someone but it can’t be happening enough for it to be put as an industry’s key work objective.

But it made me think how much do we sell ourselves short? Some of the problem finding I’ve done on commission has led to major changes within the benefit system. I should be standing up and being proud of that. Shouting my name from the rooftops to say look at me I’ve helped fix some major issues.

Instead I wrote some notes about helping a colleague then deleted them as ‘not important’.

So more challenges! Time to start bigging myself up. We often, in the civil service, will point someone out and say how did they get their job. They’re useless/don’t do much etc etc. Actually what they do is let people know they exist and write some competencies saying how wonderful they are. That’s my 2018/19 work task then. If I want to develop and move up the ladder I have to start doing that myself.

It’s hard I think though to go around telling everyone how fab you are. Mostly we put ourselves down. I’m bloody good at my job so now I need everyone to know that now. I’ve told you, now I need to tell my employers 🙂


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