365 Day Blog challenge Day 131 Show me the Money #365daychallenge

I almost forgot to write today. I’ve been a bit distracted by having the day off work. I’ve had a really positive financial two days. Yesterday I received a letter telling me one of my smaller debts has finally been cleared. I now only have 3 left as part of my debt plan. They’re the largest of everything I originally had but I have exactly 24 months left before it’s all over (less if I can increase the payments at any time). It’s a great feeling though knowing that things are ending

Then today I looked at changing my mortgage rate as the current one is coming to an end. If I take a 2 year deal it will end a couple of months after the debt plan does. Looking at the proposed payments I save £56 per month. What’s not to like?? So that starts at the end of April. The savings will make a big difference to the money I have for the month. I can start to look at a few treats.

I’m coming to the end of the first third of the year of trying to change my life. I’ll comment on my weight tomorrow but I’m talking to more people. I’m practising talking to strangers and raising my profile at work. My money is looking the healthiest it has been in a long while. I think the positivity breeds more good news and good luck. I’m grateful for everything that has happened and I feel like life is moving forward in the way I want it to.

Looking forward to see where I’ll be at the end of the next 3 months.


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