365 Day Blog challenge Day 135 Back On It #365daychallenge

So Easter is over and I’ve gt a week off work still. This is my first real test since starting my diet/life overhaul as whenever I’ve had time off work before I’ve spent it lounging around and eating junk.

Past life me at Easter would buy my son an Easter chocolate egg plus myself. Then I’d eat it straight away and probably buy several more before the big day not to mention any in the sale afterwards. I couldn’t even tell you I enjoyed it.

This year I bought myself a couple of packets of biscuits and pretty much ate them over the weekend which shows me the dangers are still there and may always be there. I am and always probably will be an over-eater.

However I’ve let it go. Easter is a one off and until the next big thing my mind is back in the game. Today I went out and walked just under 14,000 steps. And got caught in a torrential downpour too for my troubles. I was in a place where I it didn’t matter whether I went backwards or forwards there was nowhere to hide. So I kept going and got around another 4000 of my steps total. Old me would have gone straight for the nearest bus stop.

So I’m feeling confident and motivated. I’ve got plans for the rest of the week which should see me hit my walking targets and I’m hoping to be another pound down by the time I meet my friend on Friday afternoon. I’m just 3lbs short of hitting that stone and a half next target and I can practically taste it. I usually get to this point (or less if ‘honest with myself) and start self sabotaging everything. Now I have a desire to push through and meet everything I’m setting for myself.

I think the change in mindset is the biggest change of all this year. I’ve not managed that bit before no matter how many times I’ve tried. But my head is in a good place and I’m happy. It’s a great feeling.


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