365 Day Blog challenge Day 137 Mixed feelings #365daychallenge

Another day of my annual leave and another day out to push up those steps. It’s been a mixed day. A disappointing result in my latest assignment. The problem with creative writing is that it is so subjective. What I liked, my tutor didn’t yet someone else may love it. I was told I didn’t use enough dialogue so this time I put in my speech. Surprise surprise it was too much. Ah well. I used the calculator to guestimate my predicted final grade for this module and because of this drop no matter what I do I’ll get a 2.2 for this year (not my final outcome). That’s what I’d hoped for right at the beginning as I’ve never been a good student. I lose focus quite a bit and my grades have always varied wildly.

Switching to more positive parts of the day I did my measurements for the first time since I started weight loss and things are disappearing nicely 🙂

My boobs have lost the most inches. It’s always the same in diets for me. The boobs are the first to go and my waist the last. But this morning my waist was under 40 inches for the first time in years. I know that the higher the waist size the more prone you could be to diabetes and I’ve been pre-diabetes for a long time so finally seeing that figure go down is a big boost. I’m not out of the woods yet.

“Having a waist size of 31.5 inches or over for women and 37 inches or over for white and black men, increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes significantly” – taken from google.

As you can see I’m still not safe if I was a guy! But using small targets to hit the bigger ones I’m aiming for the men’s 37 inch waist first then the women’s smaller one. I genuinely cannot remember what it is like to have a 31.5 inch waist. There’s a way to go yet but I’m happy with my progress.

And I had a few hours out in one of the suburbs on the outskirts of my city. I saw a friend who is a roaming librarian and was working in the same place I was visiting  so we got to have a quick catch up. Overall it’s been a good day.

My week off is nearly over. I’m out tomorrow to catch up with another good friend then the weekend is getting in another assignment. And then back to work. The time off has done me good even if it did rain for most of it. I finally seem to have moved on from the endless cold and feel energised again.


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