365 Day Blog challenge Day 138 Sugar Tax #365daychallenge

It was on the news this morning that the UK government introduce today a sugar tax and I’ve seen plenty of debate on Twitter as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

It’s no lie to say there are a lot of obese people in the UK. I’m technically one of them if you base it on BMI charts and so on. I just don’t look obese and probably not in the demographic that this tax is aimed at.

Anything that works towards getting people healthier is a plus point but in all the articles I skimmed this morning I saw very little scientific evidence as to the ‘why’ of it. ‘Why’ is a big thing for me. If I’m expected to do something I need a reason. It might sounds liek a completely stupid reason but I can deal with that.

‘Because the nation is fat’ isn’t adequate enough for me though as a why. I read that the chemicals in diet drinks actually cause obesity and my diet improved drastically when I cut the diet drinks out The cravings for sugar reduced to next to nothing. I’ve also read that certain sweeteners (aspartame being one) have links to cancer although I haven’t done anywhere near enough research to agree or disagree with that.

Then you have discount shops. Your big name brands will get more expensive but if you were spending 25p on the ultra cheap fizzy pops in the supermarket will the tax really make much different to them?

And finally you have the will of a nation. Taxing fizzy drinks is one thing but we need a better education system for diet and health. You can cut out high sugar drinks but if you are still eating pizzas and kebabs etc several times a week, plus some pasties from Greggs for lunch and who knows what else while you’re watching TV on a night you’ll still be obese. Taxation shouldn’t be the only thing.


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