365 Day Blog challenge Day 139 Ends #365daychallenge

I’ve got one more day left of my annual leave before I go back to work. This week off was the first week that I’ve not worked since embarking on my diet and I was worried about how it would go. I’ve eaten a lot but I’ve walked a lot so overall my weight stayed the same.

A lot of the eating is actually because I’ve been out every day somewhere so I’ve had to buy lunch. But I haven’t actually overeaten which I’m pleased about.

I had a list of jobs I was going to do but as always happens I did about half of them. It’s been good though to have the down time though and just relax and enjoy myself. I think it’s something we all need a bit of relaxation now and again to refuel.

There’s a lot coming up when I go back to work on Monday and I’ve some decisions to make about whether to apply for a couple of jobs. And then hopefully spring will start and we can finally have some nicer weather.


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