365 Day Blog challenge Day 143 Dilemma #365daychallenge

I have a bit of a dilemma.  Before I broke up for my week off my lunch buddy had 2 weeks off. In that time instead of sitting in the canteen I went for a walk every day. I’d eat my lunch at my desk then use my hour to be active. I could usually increase my steps by about a mile daily. With that and my own week off walking about that’s why I smashed the previous months walking challenge.

Now she’s back and I’m back to sitting in the canteen. Thing is she doesn’t diet, she doesn’t exercise and has shown zero interest in doing so. She’s happy within herself. Every so often I can convince her to walk up the steps back to our desks but that’s it. This week she was in on Monday then has been working away so I got my walks in.

I want to keep them, especially with the weather finally getting better. I know if I ask her to come for walks with me she’ll say no. I want to keep it up so I’m going to have to say something about it without hurting her feelings. She’s the one I get on most with in the office but I want to put my health first. I’ve still got another 3 stone to lose and feel like I’m stuck.

I’m eating as well as before and doing the walking but my weight isn’t moving so I do need to kick start it. I know a few dietary changes I can make. I think I’m eating too much bread again but I need to keep up the activity.

I guess I have a few days to think about it as neither of us are around much tomorrow. I need to practise my tact 🙂


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