365 Day Blog challenge Day 144 Work #365daychallenge

I am so tired this week. As much as you have a week off you get into bad routines or I do at least. I’m not a morning person so when I’m not at work I stay up late and then sleep late in the morning. Having to go back to 6am wake ups is hard. It’s no wonder I’m  always grumpy in the morning!

It’s been a quiet week but I’ve made the decisions I alluded to in an earlier post and have applied for 2 new jobs. One would involve me having to spend half a week in London and half back here in Leeds. The other is a development programme. It’s anyone’s guess as to how well I’d do in either.

The London one was to put your name forward. If too many people do that then it becomes a formal application process. The development programme is open to lots of people and will depend on how well I’ve written the competencies. It’s not my strongest thing and I haven’t had chance to get anyone to look over them so I’ll take it as a learning exercise and take the feedback. Then again I said that about the application I had for this job and I got through!

There’s also been plenty of learning as I’m covering someone else’s job role for a few weeks. I don’t mind as I often find my job a bit routine. This is also a routine same thing on a fortnightly basis but it’s different to my usual work so I’m still enjoying the change.

And change i think is what I’m ready for. I felt like this once before. I’d had a period of going nowhere that I’d either not noticed or ignored. Once I realised what had happened I decided I wanted change and I’d do what was needed to achieve that. I’m a big believer in Law of Attraction and putting things out to the universe. It’s kind of a way of positive thinking in that what you put out there as a wish you can bring into your life. Got to be careful as there are ways of doing this negatively. For example if you focus on the negative aspects of being poor you’ll never have any money (yeah I’m still working on this one. I find it hard)  but if you focus on that dream job or better job, imagine yourself doing it, picture yourself in that team and so on you can bring it about.

So that will be my weekend, lots of positive job role thinking, looking at how I can bring some job role changes into my life. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂


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