365 Day Blog challenge Day 181 Weddings #365daychallenge

So today we have the royal wedding. I chose not to watch it although despite saying I would avoid social media I did go on twitter so have seen a few photo’s. I’ve been thinking about why I don’t seem to get excited by weddings. I’m not bothered by the royal one as I don’t like the idea of my hard earned tax money funding lavish lifestyles of people already rich. I’m not a royalist although I appreciate what they do for tourism.

So weddings in general… my mum has been married 4 times, engaged once and had a common law relationship. My birth father was married 3 times and my step-father twice. Doesn’t really give you the impressions that marriage is a happy ever after does it??

My own marriage ended badly in violence and abuse and I’ve avoided the idea of a second one ever since. I do remember about 5 years ago though going to a wedding and admiring the Volkswagen beetle cars and mini van they used and thinking that I’d like something like that for my own wedding! I hadn’t thought of the idea of a re-marriage in years. I probably haven’t done so since.

I do also think in practical terms of the fact that there’s no financial support for unmarried couples when one half dies (that’s the civil servant coming out! Plus seeing the devastation when it happened to a friend). Kinda ruins the romance of it when you’re thinking of death.

On reflection I’ve decided it’s not a horrible idea but it would take a very strong relationship for me to take the plunge again. I do think you can have your happy ever after without having to follow the society norm of marriage so I guess I should start looking for the frog that can become my price ….


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