365 Day Blog challenge Day 180 Meaningful May: People #365daychallenge

According to tomorrow’s Action for Happiness Meaningful May calendar the action is to spend some face to face time with people who matter. Tomorrow is also the royal wedding and some big boxing event and the FA Cup football finals so I intend to avoid all social media where possible (except for writing this blog) and go hide in the woods or somewhere peaceful. So I did tomorrow’s action today.

My friend became a grandma 8 months ago. She invited myself and another friend to come and have a coffee and lunch with her and her daughters and the lovely baby. We all met in the coffee shop and just had a couple of hours with no intrusions from the real world. Lots of talk about the new baby and our grown up babies. Catching up on life.

Sometimes it’s good to switch off for a while, let go of life’s daily stresses and strains and focus on the good or in our case the little boy who is wanting to stand up and move and see everything with his innocent eyes.

So I’m totally at peace today. I’ve had a meaningful afternoon and am nice and chilled out. All fired up for ignoring the TV tomorrow 🙂


365 Day Blog challenge Day 171 Time Off #365daychallenge

This week we had a bank holiday followed by two days of working. I’m now off for another 5 days, will work 2 more then off for 3 days! The week of the 21st will be the only week I work a full week this month. I love May!

I was meant to be in Ibiza, Spain this weekend after winning a competition but with money being so tight this year I couldn’t afford to put the money away. We’re waiting at work to see if we get any bonuses paid this year (it’s complicated. We took a pay deal after a 5 year freeze and so the bonus is up for a re-negotiation every year until 2020). If we get a bonus I’ll be able to book a long weekend away somewhere.

If not I really need to try and re-start my day trips away even if I don;t spend any money except on lunch. I need to work something into my budget. I’m a bit fed up of only seeing work and my house at the minute.

I’ve got these 5 days off them with no real plans. I do have to finish my end of module assignment for Open University. It’s done except for the referencing so it won;t take long. And I’d promised myself I would finally after 18 months paint the downstairs cupboard (glamourous life eh??) but I need to think about the rest of my time. Whatever I decide will be cheap and cheerful but I do want to go somewhere. I need to get my thinking cap on and see where I can go.

365 Day Blog challenge Day 167 Revery #365daychallenge

I went for a walk in the park with a good friend yesterday and came across a stone pillar with a quote from Emily Browning. It started a conversation off about how we thought we knew who she was but was it one of those names that we think we know but don’t? Anyway for me I’d seen the name in passing on one of my courses but as she was a poet I didn’t really pay much attention. Something I will rectify as I love the words below.

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,— 
One clover, and a bee, 
And revery. 
The revery alone will do 
If bees are few.
– Emily Dickinson

Enjoy some photos from yesterday. It’s a bank holiday in the UK and for once the weather is expected to be lovely so I am going to make the most of it and get outside.

365 Day Blog challenge Day 140 Inner Child #365daychallenge

Last day off before I go back to work and I went to meet up with my friend. We had planned a day going to the donkey sanctuary but as non drivers it turned into a logistical nightmare trying to get there so we went for coffee instead. This prompted the idea to go up to a local museum attached to the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey.

Once inside we ended up going round the museum but also messing around in the kids area, we tried on some of the (bigger) dressing up clothes and had ourselves a tea party. But most of all we had fun.

Sometimes we need to release our inner child. It’s something I often forget to do and I think it’s actually a good way to give ourselves some self care. It’s so exhausting sometimes being an adult. Just messing around, playing dress up and laughing is so good for the soul. Below are some pictures from today:

365 Day Blog challenge Day 136 Getting Lost #365daychallenge

‘It’s a straight line’

‘You’ve got lost walking in a straight line before….’

That was a conversation I had with my son earlier and it’s true I have absolutely no sense of direction. I’ve lived on my estate on and off for 40 years and I still couldn’t give you directions to anyone’s house. Apart from my dad’s which is simply leave my house and walk up the hill!

A few years ago I used to suffer big anxiety attacks when I didn’t know where I was going. As my job at the time involved constant travel around my city I developed coping techniques by not only have google maps on my phone but printing paper copies of routes as well. Eventually though I was able to ditch a lot of that as my anxiety levels reduced.

These days I travel less but go further often having to go to different cities. The potential for getting lost is bigger but over the last 18 months it stopped bothering me. I see it as an adventure now. You never know what you’ll find if you go off the beaten track, or wander down the wrong path. As long as you find a bus or train stop along the way you’ll always work your way home.


365 Day Blog challenge Day 113 – Getting Out #365daychallenge

Finally! I managed to get out and start joining some clubs. I wanted to do this last month but…you know…snow. And then more snow so it didn’t happen.

I’ve been trying to think of things I like so I can work out how to do them in a less solitary way and meet up with people. My world has shrunk to revolve around books and I found it really hard to write a list of what I enjoy but I’m slowly getting there.

So tonight was a crime book club. At first I was a bit worried as apart from the host everyone was a pensioner but after a few minutes a couple of people closer to my own age turned up. It’s was quite a well attended club and very chatty and noisy. As a group I really liked it and it’s great to leave my comfort zone. Everyone made me feel welcome.

I will keep going but it was predominantly older people so who I can’t see accompanying me to the local arena for some heavy metal concerts but you never know who will turn up from month to month so I wont make too many assumptions 🙂

I’ve another crime one at the local book store in a couple of weeks that I’m also looking forward to so that’s 2 new things. Woo hoo. I will spend a couple of weeks looking at making my list longer and see what else is out there.