Getting out more…

A few months ago I decided I needed to get out more. I’d just got a new job with a bit of extra cash and so it seemed like a good idea to re-start life in a few different ways. 

Well so far I’ve mostly pottered around the country; sometimes through wortk and sometimes through coach trips but that’s it. I’ve done nothing else. Looking back at various things I’d done over the last few years I realised I’ve only been to the cinema four times in two years. For someone who used to go twice a week that just shocking. Actually twice a week is shocking too but I had a monthly pass so got my monies worth (or not depending on the film) but I digress.

It’s all got me thinking – what is “getting out more”? Tweny years ago this woud mean more pubs and drinking and while I still could do with some of that I want to talk to people, meet new people and chat in a  civilised manner. So how do I do that in this age of technology and people being more interested in their phones (or so it seems). Therein lies my problem. 

I’ve made it my mission to see at least 6 films at the cinema next year. That won’t fix the problem but it’s better than waiting for DVDs and just talking to myself. I have a few female friends who will happily sit in pubs on their own with a drink and a book. I’m the type of person who won’t go in a pub unless  know someone else is there already. I was that fashionably late person for years for that very reason. So start small; baby steps – I will spend more time in coffee shops looking cool, mysterious but approachable 🙂 And probably not my local supermarket cafe or Mcdonalds. Not being snobbish but it’s not normally the place for lounging away an afternoon even if their teas are cheaper. 

I’ve also been looking through our sport and social catalogue. I’ve found a craft club which looks interesting but I carry enough junk around with me on a working day without adding knitting needles and wool. That’s a maybe. Then right at the bottom I saw we have a dance group! I do love me some Strictly Come Dancing so I’ve emailed them to see what kind f dancing and is there any lessons. Now though is it “getting out more” if it’s still on work premises?? Do I have to revise my wording? 

I was going to some book clubs but had to give them up as they clash with my new work hours. I might look for another one or maybe I’ll reset up an old one I used to do with a friend. I haven’t looked into that properly yet. But what else? What do people do these days??? Time to get my thinking cap on. Any ideas most welcome


Bluebells at Middleton Park – Memories

According to Metcheck website today’s Bank Holiday is meant to be the only day this week with sunshine and no rain so I made sure to treat myself with an afternoon out at Middleton Park. I was originally going to follow one of the heritage trails that they have but got sidetracked by trees and bluebells.

I have many missing memories from my childhood thanks to the years of depression but picking flowers in the woods is one I do remember and cherish. Me and my dad would go to Middleton Park and pick the bluebells. This was over 30 years ago so I don’t think it was illegal then and it was only maybe once or twice a year so hopefully we weren’t responsible for their scarcity now. Wandering around the woods allowed me to follow the words of Ekhart Tolle and Adyashanti (Falling Into Grace – book) by being in the now, not thinking about anything except where I was and the trees and flowers and just stop for a while to take in the beauty of nature.

It’s so easy to get caught up in daily stresses and for me last week was a bad week at work with helping my colleagues work their way through two deaths that sometimes I think we forget to just stop and smell the flowers. The park was filled with thousands of bluebells and just one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Who needs to travel miles when you have beauty and relaxation on your doorstep


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