Loyalty cards – #minimilism #declutter

The Marie Kondo TV show on Netflix has got lots of people looking at their homes and seeing where they can declutter and craeting lots of chatter. I’ve been a follower of her methods for a few years now (there are various blog posts if you fancy a scoll through) and I’ll be good for a while and then end up with more clutter.

When I had some couselling last summer we discussed my spending habits and debt with the intention of exploring addictive personalities and using money to fill a ‘gap’ in a persons life. I definitely get addicted to things and very easily. Having alcoholics and drug addicts in the family (sadly all deceased) makes me very conscious (possibly too much) about excess drinking so I’ve never fallen into those traps. Instead when my depression takes hold I usually find something to obsess over and spend. It fills that ‘gap’ but only for a short while and then I end up with an excess of junk that I don’t use.

It’s not only monetary items though. I started reading the free books through netgalley or on Amazon Kindle and if I total it I’ve close to 1500 books unread. I’ve got far too many bookmarks, post it notes, stationary items and so on. The other year I got on top of the clothes addiction and now have a capsule wardrobe and that works for me.
So now to clear some of the unwanted stuff. I found in a drawer a pile of loyalty cards an inch high. I don;t use them but when shops started using these I developed one of my obsessions and must have one for so many shops that I just don’t go in any more. As you can see from the pictures attached I spent today tidying them out and cutting them up. It’s a great feeling. There’s no need for them, I haven’t gone into that pile in over 6 months. So now I have a core capsule of loyalty cards of shops I’m actually loyal to and that feels so much better. Slowly I am making in roads into my clutter and filling that ‘gap’ in more healthier ways


365 Day Blog challenge Day 174 To-do lists #365daychallenge

I wrote a blog the other day that said I was rubbish at getting things done because I’m too laid back. It also mentioned that I was going to try and stick to the goals that I had committed to this month.

Well I have not only stuck to my goals but have completed them 2 weeks early! The grass is cut (and will need more work but I’ve at least done the bit I said I would), the cupboard has been de-cluttered and painted and I’ve cleaned out the shed. This then gives me lots of time to myself for the rest of May but also means I should probably start a to-do list for the garden.

I’ve still got 3 days left before I go back to work. I finished my story for my end of module university assignment and have roughly 300 words left to do of the commentary and my references so I’m even ahead of myself in that as it doesn’t need to be sent in for another 12 days.

I would like to say I will be really good at sticking to targets in future but I’d be lying. At the minute I’m just trying to harness the positivity and energy I have at the minute.

365 Day Blog challenge Day 169 McFlurry #365daychallenge

I’ve just had my first McFlurry in about a year. Even better and more importantly it’s certainly the first time I’ve rewarded myself with food this year. I’m an over-eater, boredom eater and an emotional eater but in my 2018 journey to master my food issues and loose weight I’ve tried really hard not to give into cravings and desires that are just part of an addiction and not really there.

Yesterday I talked about not being very good at my to-do lists of jobs. I made up for that by completing every task I set for myself this bank holiday weekend and met my 10k steps per day as well. I’ve decluttered all 3 bookcases, the downstairs cupboard, cut the grass and cleaned the wheelie bin. So for the first time this year I rewarded myself and seeing as it’s 26c degrees outside I decided that reward would be ice cream. Plus to make sure i hit my step count I walked to the Mcd’s and back again. Twelve months ago I would have done maybe one of the jobs and caught the bus!

So it’s been a good weekend. I’m working 2 days this week then have another 5 days off with another to-do list. One thing must be done as it’s my end of year assignment and some more physical jobs. I am going to be really good and stick to doing these too 🙂

365 Day Blog challenge Day 168 Whenever Wherever #365daychallenge

I was chatting with my friend yesterday about her need to have control over everything and it’s made me think about myself. I’m more a go with the flow person and things get done when they are done. However this doesn’t necessary mean my way is a better way. I’m often so go with the flow things never get done!

My to-do list is endless and I often look at it and then think Sod it I’m going to read a book instead. It’s not that it’s overwhelming, just that I can usually think of something else to do that’s more interesting.

It’s the reason that 18 months on I still haven’t painted my cupboard and my garden is long overdue the grass cutting. Both of these things are on my May to-do list. I probably need to add some dates in to make sure things get done but I won’t beat myself up about it of it doesn’t get done.

However when I met another friend the other day to go for the walk in the park we were talking a lot about plants and gardens. There is so much I want for mine that I need to bring in some kind of control to move myself to a place where it will get done. The big things won’t be achieved until long after my debt plan has been cleared as it needs a new fence, landscaping and a conservatory! But there are still some things I can do over the next 24 months to start moving towards that plan.

What I should be doing rather than type this blog is de-clutter the cupboard in readiness for painting but its 25C degrees outside and so far I’ve abandoned the tidying to enjoy the sun in the (messy) garden as it won’t be long before we’re back to the rainy British weather.

It would be fun to come back to this blog at the end of May and see just what I amnaged to get done 🙂

365 Day Blog challenge Day 159 Twitter Birthday #365daychallenge

According to my notification today is my 5th Twitter anniversary. I was a bit surprised although I do remember joining, ignoring it for ages then having another go at using it. I’ve been thinking today though about what’s the point of it.

I’ve 851 followers and following 584 and yet I probably interact with about 10 people. There are loads on there where we mutually follow but yet they never talk/respond to me. I have on occasion answered a tweet and been completely ignored. So why are you following my posts and work. What’s the point? What do you gain from it?

On the other hand what I am gaining from it. Apart from those few I mentioned not a whole lot. There’s a lot of talk about detoxing from social media and that can be a good thing but actually I’m thinking about stripping it all down. I interact with a few people so really why am I following anyone else? If people don’t want to talk with me then they need to be deleted from my internet life. Then maybe I can use social media in a more meaningful way.

Following on from this I’ll probably do the same for facebook. I’ve deleted about 50 people already from there and really I could delete a 100 more who serve no purpose in my life. A social media declutter I think could be a good thing. There’s something cathartic about getting rid. Time to go hit the delete button.

365 Day Blog challenge Day 147 More Book Declutter #365daychallenge

It’s Sunday and after a couple of days of lovely weather it’s now raining so no excuse except to stay home and do all the cleaning and ironing I’ve been avoiding. One of the things I’ve been doing is some more decluttering of my books. I wrote a post a couple of months ago about how I have had the Harry Potter books on my shelves but not read them for about 10 years. Trying to re-read them didn’t work and they no longer serve a purpose so I got rid of them.

This time it’s the Stephen King books. I read in a novel a quote that said that King was like a favourite uncle and no matter what book purists say about when he stopped being a great writer you still keep buying his books because you don’t want to upset him. It was a jokey comment in a vampire book but it struck a chord because that’s what I’ve been doing. And I haven’t read a bloody one of them. So like the HP books they’ve gone. I’ve kept The Stand because while I haven’t read it in a long while I do love it and there’s actually a chance I’ll go back to this one. Any others if I get the urge to read I’ll use the library.

It’s funny, when I first started down the decluttering path a few years ago I found it all really liberating to let it all go but couldn’t bring myself to touch my books. I have to do it in stages. And I never truly declutter them because I’m always buying more. It does me good though every 6 months or so to ask myself whether I truly need them and will read them. If not then buh bye they go….

365 Day Blog challenge Day 102 – Comparisons #365daychallenge

One of the things about being addicted to The Biggest Loser is it makes me think. Past life me used to watch it by barely glimpsing at the TV screen and stuffing my face with pizza. These days I try and take on board information.

Currently Sky are showing season 11 of TBL Australia. They’ve just introduced the newest round of contestants and my first impression was they’re not as huge as usual contestants. That’s probably because the last few series of both Australia and America have had 500lb people on there.

But then they showed this woman who’s goal is to wear a bikini on the beach when she goes down with her husband and child. At the minute she goes to the beach wearing leggings and a knee length cardigan. Watching it at first I was baffled why she was on the show. Her weight and body size looked completely ‘normal’. She didn’t seem overweight or look ‘fat’. Why was she even there????

Then they had her in her underwear and showed her weight and I had a massive shock. We’re the same weight! And very similar in shape. I completely identify with her feelings. There’s no way I’m wearing a  bikini. I’m not even sure I’d wear a one piece. The funny thing is I see her and see someone with a normal non-exercising body shape. I see me and see a frump, overweight and bodily ugly. Yet we’re the same!

It’s odd how we see ourselves and how we compare ourselves to each other. And comparisons are dangerous. They can be so damaging to self esteem and our moods. But I’m now sure how we stop. I gave up showbiz magazines a long time ago after I saw 2 magazines side by side where one named a famous woman and said how happy with she was with her body. In the magazine next to it the exact same picture and headline how she was disgusted with her body and about to start a huge transformation. How are we, the general public, supposed to understand that?  It’s so damaging. Easy to give up following these magazines, harder when it’s a neighbour or person in the street.

So new challenge to add to the others. Time to stop comparing. Time to learn to love my body no matter what size whilst learning to give it the love it deserves through healthy eating and exercise.