Diet Blog week 6

Lost 2lbs

Total 8lbs

Finally I’ve moved some weight! This is the first time in a few weeks where it hasn’t felt like my body was against me. No broken teeth, phantom periods, real periods and God knows what else. I stepped up the walking and have been pushing myself as much as I can. One thing I’ve noticed is if on holiday or pottering around I can walk 15-20k steps without noticing. These though usually involve several stops for cups of tea and rest. When pushing myself to do as many steps in one go then I can do about 8000 before my body remembers it’s overweight and getting old and starts to ache. So I’ve been doing around that figure, stopping for a rest then doing the same number again and it seems to be working. There’s a burn there for sure.

I’ve also been cutting out the carbs and having lots more protein. I expected it to be hard as I’m not a big meat eater but I do like ham and eggs so I’ve had quite a few omelettes.

There have been a few challenges after the weigh in above that hopefully I can pull back from that I’ll cover next week but I’m feeling determined and hopeful as I go along. This is the last time I’ll ever allow myself to be this weight.


2017 mid-year in review

I’m a few months late really for a mid-year review but I’ve just spotted my gratitude/good- things-happening jar is 3/4 full. Without looking through it (that’s a treat for between Christmas and New Year) I’ve been thinking about the last 8 months.

Work – It’s been a roller coaster year. Some days I love my job and some days I just want to hide under the duvet and pretend it’s not there. Pretty standard with most people I guess. I’m just a Geminian drama queen so when the horrible days happen I’m telling everyone I want to quite and having mini-meltdowns (as I did about 6 weeks ago). However I’ve recently taken on the role of well being advocate so I get to put together events such as our team walking challenge. Events like that make me happy enough to push through on days when it’s not so great

Self employment – I had a push to re-start this in 2017. It’s also had it’s ups and downs to the point where I decided to take a step back to see if it’s really what I want to do with my life. Turns out I’m passionate about these things but not so hot on working for myself. I’m just not business minded. There are so many things I could be doing besides updating websites, pushing the business, and doing all that annoying paperwork. As I have a day job guess what – the boring admin jobs don’t get done. The task now then is to find ways to utilise the things I love but maybe not on a self employment basis. Or just plod along and see what the universe has in store.

House – This is an area with lots of success this year. Tomorrow I get a new hall carpet after it twice suffered through a burst boiler. I’ve talked in previous blogs about having a debt plan and little spare cash so this is a big deal for me at the minute. I’ve also repainted all the rooms. Still a little bummed that my lovely coloured walls are all pale magnolia/barest peach but if I follow through on my plans to sell up in 2 years these are the colours buyers want. If I decide to stay then Oh I m going to have so much fun repainting everything red/orange and yellow! I’ve also replaced lots of little things like lampshades, kitchen utensils, pots and pans and so on. By the end of the year the last few rooms (kitchen and cupboards) will have been repainted. I may have to give in to the idea of pale walls but I’m getting my colour in my accessories.

Health – My diet blogs are ongoing. 6lbs so far and I’m keeping up to the diet. I’ve a walking challenge on this month but I’ve been pushing the number of steps for a while now. One thing about being a wellbeing advocate. It means I have to practise what I’m preaching so less pizza more health. I’ve reconnected with a dentist and currently saving for some cosmetic dental treatments. I finally started having the money to get my hair styled and coloured on a regular basis. The second half of 2017 is all about me and these small things are going some way to not finding myself but rediscovering myself.

Fun/Life – Oh this needs work. I’ve been to a few events this year. First music concerts in a  couple of years and some drinking nights out. What I’ve discovered though is that I miss being out and about. I’m a sociable person but the debt plan is killing that. Me and my friend who lives in a different city had a heart to heart about this with the plan that we will take turns visiting each others houses per month and go out on the town. That’s one thing to look forward to. I then made a list of who I am and what I like to see how I can use it to start reconnecting with people. How do I get out without much financial investment. I’ve started at a couple of book clubs which are ok. It’s early days yet. One of the things I thought of was a night class. Instead I decided to re-start my open university degree/ I have 2 (part time) years left. That will give me the opportunity to go to some study days and connect with people on Facebook forums. I’ve a little list of some other bits to look at too.

Money – This is a biggie. I am now half way through my debt plan. I’ve managed to reduce the end date by 3 months and most importantly I have cleared 50% of my debt. Seeing the figures last month was one such a happy moment and one I didn’t think I’d see

So when I have a bad work day or a day when my mood is low I can actually look back and see actually this year has been pretty amazing. They’re all small steps but they’re adding up to one great year.

Diet blog week 5

Weight lost this week  – 0lbs

Weight loss total – 6lbs

Stayed the same this week…again. So disappointed as I felt until the day of the weigh in that I was doing really well. I’m going through an early menopause (I’m 45) and sometimes it really feels like my body is trying to sabotage me. I didn’t have these issues when I dieted in my twenties. Last week I just felt bloated…this week I really was. My third period in the last 12 months and it chose weigh in day to happen. Why couldn’t it have waited until the day after??

I’ve also had to deal with a chipped tooth. That is my fault as I accepted a Haribo. Yes one small jelly sweet broke my tooth and I had four days before I could get it fixed. Four days of soft food. If ever there was a reason to give up candy!

I’ve had my sulk, my teeth are fixed and I’ve been averaging around 12000 footsteps for the last few days. Our work walking challenge starts tomorrow and we’re so competitive so I know I’ll be pushing myself this week.

I’ve also taken over as the teams well-being advocate so I need to practise what I preach now. This month is healthy heart week and even when there are bad weeks with the diet I’ll console myself with the fact that I haven’t gained again and I’m taking all the steps I can to keep my heart healthy.

I’ve also been given a few Youtube websites to get some exercise sessions. Not sure yet whether they are free or if there’s a subscription. That’s one of my goals for this week. I’ve also dug an old wii fit out of the cupboard and bought some new games for it. Lots of opportunity for change going forward.

Hopefully I’ll see the reward for some of this on the scales next week


Diet blog week 4

Weight lost this week  – 0lbs

Weight loss total – 6lbs

Stayed the same this week but early life menopause is to blame for most of it. In a previous time real and phantom periods often led to a 2-3lb weight gain so I’ll take it. I’d be happier to not stay the same but I have to remember that I’m on a life changing journey not a quick fix and that a loss or staying the same is still a positive and I’ve still not had the take aways and chocolates. I’m walking more. I’ve set myself a challenge of a minimum of 7000 steps on a work day and 5000 on a non-one. It’s not the recommended 10k steps but the aim is to have this challenge a regular occurrence and then I’ll increase.

However that may be sooner than expected. I was given the task at work of putting together something that the whole team could do for fun and a way to bring us together in spirit if not physically as we are spread out across the whole of England and don’t get to see each other often. So I’ve spent this week calculating how many footsteps it is from my office in Leeds to Louvre in Paris (and for any of my team that want a ‘return’ trip – Louvre to our office in London). It’s just over 1 million & 7000 steps for the first part and there are 22 of us.

It’s already becoming a fun challenge. People are getting competitive with talk of buying fit bits, walking shoes and borrowing neighbours dogs for a walk. Ultimately it’s something good for the heart, the body and the mind. In the 14 weeks we have for this I fully expect weight losses, fitter colleagues (and myself of course) and more importantly a happy, spirited work team

Diet blog week 3

Weight lost this week  – 2lbs

Weight loss total – 6lbs

Much easier to lose weight when you’ve got a week with no real social life 🙂

No meals out meant I could concentrate fully on what I ate and how I cooked the food. As pleased as I am with loss this week I’m double happy with the changes I’m making in lifestyle. Since the diet started I’ve been trying to make lifestyle choice, anything to better myself. So up until yesterday I hadn’t had any chocolate bars and no takeaways. I’d also been taking my own dinner to work.

I say up until yesterday.. I decided that seeing as it was weigh day I’d leave my diner at home and treat myself at the staff canteen. Now I only had potato wedges with cheese and beans but the next day (today) I’m off work with stomach issues. I’ve been up all night ill. I don’t it’s the food choices as there’s nothing really bad about them. But I do wonder if maybe it’s the way they’ve been cooked. The oil used maybe that hasn’t agreed with me.

It makes you realise just how fast the body gets used to being treated nicely with healthy food and then takes offence the minute you feed it bad foods. In an instant I can see the damage I’ve been doing to myself over the years.

So today it’s bland foods while I settle my stomach then back to treating my body like the temple like I want it to be.

See you next week x

Diet blog week 2

Weight lost this week  – 0lbs

Weight loss total – 4lbs

It’s been a funny old week. I left the weigh in class last Wednesday (12th July) thinking I was going to have a quiet week but ended up with 3 unplanned meals out to restaurants and spending the weekend with a close friend i haven’t seen in months. Not the greatest thing when on the second week of a life changing plan.

The end result was to stay the same weight which is acceptable for me. I went out, had a good time and at the end of the week I was in a good mental place. But I ended up having a bit of a heated discussion at work with a guy who is also on a diet. Whilst many people said well done for at least sticking he got quite cross and told me I was setting myself up for failing by accepting a no loss week. Ignoring the mental heath side, ignoring that life happens. In his world I’m going to fail.

I found this really annoying and not helpful. Yes there are lessons to learn from the week but surely learning those lessons sets you up to deal with difficult weeks?

The biggest lesson I have this week is that when faced with an unplanned night out and your friends have picked somewhere with one of those menus that have a choice of 2 or 3 courses for a set price is to not pick the main and pudding but the starter and main….or better yet choose from the other menu and skip starters and desserts altogether. That’s what I should have done and that’s what I’ll do next time. So not setting myself up for failure but moving forward.

I’ve always been an emotional eater. I’ve always over-eaten so this journey will not be won over night. I’m here for the long haul. I’m sticking to my mantra of ‘I don’t need to be fat anymore’ and I will learn as I go along.

So I’ll take my no loss week, learn from it and next time my social life goes a bit crazy I’ll know how to deal with it.

Enjoy your week x

Diet blog week 1

I know I can do it as I’ve done it before

Last week I decided to go back to weightwatchers. I could go on about the why’s …too fat, clothes don’t fit, can’t run for the bus…. but this blog page is about positivity and seeing the good as much as possible so until I start forgetting to do it (and I hope I don’t) I thought I’d try and do a weekly blog on the good things that happened diet wise through the previous week. I’m also hoping it will act and an incentive to keep going when it gets tough.

I don’t need to be fat anymore

I’ve done a dozen diets maybe more. I lost about 10lbs then sabotage myself. It’s all about hiding. If I stay fat I’ll stay under the radar, people won’t notice me and I won’t get hurt. How many people have had those thoughts? But the thought that I don’t need to be fat anymore and it’s ok to be myself popped into my head last week and I’m running with it to see what happens. Hence joining the diet groups again

So on with the positives:

  • I lost 4lb in my first week
  • I had a late birthday meal out. I’d chosen the restaurant before the diet began and decided I’d be good and have starter & main rather than main and dessert. What I didn’t know was that if you tell them it’s a birthday when booking (which I did) the table gets a free sharing dessert so we got given some donut fingers and candy floss. I had to have a bit but it was worth it
  • I’ve had 2 very stressful times this week (burst boiler and a work issue) My normal method of dealing with stress is to eat my body weight in chocolate as some kind of weird punishment even if I wasn’t the one at fault. But you know I didn’t cause my boiler to burst so why punish myself? This is the bit I’m most proud of – not once did I emotionally eat this week. That’s worth more than the weight loss because if I can learn to keep this up I’ll not put the weight back on.

I think that’s not a bad start to this journey. I hope you’ll follow me and hopefully if you need to lose weight yourself will join me in the positivity. Lets support each other rather than shame each other and share stories, successes and find ways to deal with the blows together 🙂