Starting my new business

I haven’t updated this page in 3 months. I’ve been so busy trying to start up my holistic business. Talk about hard work and I’m only aiming for part time alongside my day job (for now).

Anyway just a short post – I’ve got a bunch of posts on my various blogs to do over the next few days but I wanted to share my newest one. This is my business one. I’m really proud of it. It covers the type of things I offer as well as (to me) a fab new book club. It’s based in Leeds but feel free to read the book and leave some comments on the post.

The details of book club are on both a post and it’s own part of the website.

Please feel free to give me a follow and if you are in the are come along and try some treatments



Our Impact on Others

It’s funny how we make decisions and offers without ever looking at the impact on other people. There’s so much negativity around at the minute that I thought I’d concentrate on the positive ways we can do this.
For example a few months ago I had the opportunity for a long weekend away at a discount price. I looked at my friends and whipped off an email asking if one of them would like to go. I based this simply on the fact that like me she liked Disney.
What I didn’t know is this friend has never been abroad and rather than just a fun few days away from home, it’s a much bigger deal – her first holiday in another country, buying a passport and all the excitement that first time brings. No wonder she responded in seconds!
I have without thinking offered her an amazing opportunity.
In my day job I work with people on state benefits. They have to attend appointments on the same day every fortnight. On this occasion my customer asked if he could come in a day late. Why? So he could get married and spend two days at a hotel nearby. He was prepared to rush back if I said no. There’s a whole other article that could be written on the idea and fear that someone wouldn’t be granted this but it’s a positive blog. Anyway, of course I arranged for him to come in a day later. It’s no big deal for me just like the email about a holiday was no big deal.
But if course it was for them. They were getting married! They had their two days away and when he came in to see me I was given a little gift of bath salts with a lovely proverb on and message. Absolutely lovely present but on both occasions I don’t think I did anything special.
So I guess the message is to think before you act. These were positive actions and if I’d never asked my friend about a  trip she may not have been any the wiser but so easily a throw away comment or declining a request can have devastating impacts while you go on your merry way. If we all gave thought to how our actions impact on others we may be quite surprised by the results

What a Girl Wants

I haven’t written anything in a few weeks – not a blog, piece of fiction or even a bad poem. Some of it is simply because I’ve been out and about enjoying the sun, spending time with family and friends and also working on my family tree. My new OU course has started as well.

But I’ve also spent a fair bit of time brooding on this “flat heart” business (see blog Talking about a Revolution) and how I can start letting more people in. I find that if I have an issue (even one I’m not fully aware of at the time) that I end up dreaming about it. They are never straightforward dreams or ones that make any sense. One of the latest ones involved me training for the Olympics along with my sister and daughter. Well I don’t have a sister or a daughter and it’s fair to say I don’t do exercise very well either!

Apparently to dream of a daughter or sister when you don’t have one in real life means you have to start “acknowledging your femininity”!!!


This has sent me off on a bit of a thought process. What exactly makes a woman feminine?? I’m not a tomboy – I wear dresses, make up, paint my nails. I even own things in pink. My outside definitely says I am a girl. So if it’s not physical, can it be a psychological issue?

So how do you acknowledge your femininity internally? I’ve asked a few other women and all but one define it as physical things – the clothes and accessories. My mother – always one to offer outside the box thinking – said “well you’ve always had to do things for yourself so you’ve forgotten how to ask for help”. What does that mean? Well, apparently it means stop being She-Ra (80’s child alert!!) and find a guy who enjoys being He-Man and doing all the hard work. According to mother that’s most of them.

But…doesn’t that go against feminism and the right to be equal? Batting my eyelashes at the next door neighbour to get him to cut my grass (yes I tried it) felt weird but it did work. I’ve never actually thought of myself as a feminist until this discussion and I’m still not actually sure if I am one. I’m curious though – did the bra burners of the 60’s or the Suffragettes (who I’ll be studying in a few weeks) have their public protests then go home and play ickle wickle girl to their patners to get them to put some shelves up??

I put this theory to my best friend yesterday and she seems to think it’s true. That the way to a man’s’ heart is not through the clichéd stomach but by letting him have free reign over the power tools…

This week then I’ve discovered some principles I didn’t realise I had and now have to look at this and see how I can work with it and use it towards sorting out my patchy love life. And I’m still not sure what actually makes a woman feminine? I think maybe I have a research project to work onJ