Anyone for a poem?

I’m a good mood today so here’s one of the poems I wrote from my OU course

Over the Rainbow

The shoes

up on the shelf –

Red sparkles in a sea of black.

Take them down.

Try them on.

Take yourself away to a magical land.

Where will you go?

Who will you be?

A young girl at her debutante ball.

A princess running from her prince.

A heroine whisked away

to a castle in the clouds.

Tap tap tap your heels,

Say the magic words.

I want to go…

Somewhere over the rainbow.

The right shoes

Can take you anywhere you want to go,

Help you be anyone you want to be.

Who will you be today?


Poetry hour

Seeing as the poem I put up last week went down quite well I thought I’d be brave and give you a couple more. I will, over the next few weeks also put up some of the short bits of writing I’ve done over my course so far – mostly 200-300 words and not all complete short stories but maybe sharing them will inspire them to become something bigger.
The first poem was inspired by some graffiti in a book I was reading and is just a bit of nonsense. The second was inspired by watching local school kids at the bus stop. The school uniform is black and as many of these students at the school are Asian their headwear also had to be black (no pretty colours for individualism at this school!). It was so lovely to see someone trying to express their individuality as best they could.

2015-01-30 15.01.56

Exams Smell

Terror, tremors
The fear and sweat
In the school gym
Exam conditions met

Tick tock goes the clock
Nervous shuffling of feet
Are my pencils sharp?
Tap tap goes their beat

I’m so scared
What if I fail?
What if I can’t answer the question?
Did I revise enough?

The clock chimes nine
It’s time to begin
Turn the paper

The girl in the red Converse

Bus Stop
To high school
A sea of black, conformity
Then…a pair of red shoes
Uniform. Uniform!
Everyone’s the same
She tries to break the mould

Stand out!
Wear the shoes.
Embrace your individuality.
Dare to be…

A Day in the Life – original poem

Well tomorrow’s diet blog can be summed up with the following: When you bump into a former friend of your evil ex-husband, binge eating a packet of chocolate hobnobs is probably not the best way to deal with it. I didn’t even enjoy them in the end and will probably pay for it at the scales tomorrow. The support from friends was far more satisfying over the following couple of days. So hugs not biscuits need to be the way forward!

This blog was started to see the positive in life and taking chances so here’s a poem! It was written in response to a recent Open University tutorial and we had to write about an event(s) of the past week which happened to co-incide with the arrival of snow. This is that day summed up in 3 stanzas. Hope you enjoy it x

A Day In The LIfe

‘Snow joke, lost again.

Trudging a mile

in the crunchy white stuff.

Me with the wrong place,

She with the wrong time

Two drowned rats looking rough.

Go see my golden boy.

Housed after a year on the streets.

Smile, he is happy.

Feeling safe and ready

to start his life again.

Looking for work now, my cheeky chappy.

Ah The Palace! Five pound

wine bottle with my name on.

Waitng. Along with friends.

Glass not empty for long.

Laughter, gossip,warmth and love

The perfect way for my day to end.

Poetry – reading and creating

Four months ago I wrote a post about starting my 4th Open University degree course; this one in Creative Writing. It’s going well so far. The first section was about general writing and around March time I’ll learn about life writing. The next 8 weeks though I have poetry and I’m not really looking forward to it.

I remember when I was little I had a few poetry books- my favourites were When I am 6 by AA Milne and a book by Shel Silverstein. Childish and nonsense poems and yet more than 30 years on these are still the only poems that stand out to me. I’ve studied poetry throughout school and then again several times over the last few years on this course. I’ve read and studied sonnets, learned about the horrors of war from Wilfred Owen and escapism from racism in early 20th century  America from Langston Hughes. I’ve read (and tried not to fall asleep – sorry) about the majesty and breathtaking scenery of the Romantic greats. And still my favourite poem is about a man who has forgotten to wear his pants.

I’ve tried to write a few poems and so far have managed a couple about school. One could be classed as escaping the uniformity of teenage girls and the way society insists on a ‘perfect’ image for our youngsters. Mostly though it was just because I liked her shoes.

I have a half finished poem about a witch trying to cast a spell which will enable her daughter to find the perfect man. It’s still though quite sing-song-y and a bit innocent. Funny how my main writing often covers traumatic real life events, mental health problems and more yet ask me to write you a poem and all I want to do is make you laugh.

I have to do a poetry assignment in February – either one long 40 line poem or several smaller ones that add up to 40 lines and my thoughts and inspiration for it so far centres around the circus. Again it seems like I may be trapped in an 8 year olds body where rhyme is concerned. I only hope my tutor isn’t looking for the new Wordsworth…