365 Day Blog challenge Day 186 Goddess #365daychallenge

Been a long day of people performance planning so it’s curling up time with a good book and relaxing. The meme below may be about being a Goddess but nothing wrong with the guys embracing their inner power either 🙂

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 184 Motivational #365daychallenge

Today was the total opposite of yesterday. Well apart from rushing out of the house without a coat and nearly being late for a conference call but the rest has been good.

I had a meeting with my mentor who works in a building on the other side of the city centre. We went through the development course I am on and how it’s gone so far then discussed the different steps I want to look at next. She has made some contacts to introduce me to people in jobs I would like to explore so I can set up some shadowing.

Then we looked at the competencies needed for jobs. In the civil service this is the way they recruit and it can be a nightmare trying to give the best example of something you can to sell yourself in 250 words. I have a few already which she’s going to check and going forwards I have a few more to write so I have them to slot into any application. This is the hard part – doing them in the first place. She is going to sense check them and make sure they sell me as much as possible.

I left the meeting really motivated into my next steps. I have a few ideas of jobs I’d like to do and even though it’s never fun writing up competencies I have some good ideas to note down and build into something.

And it’s nice to have that time to just think about yourself and what you want and have a person to bat ideas off that can then help you explore what you really want.

Then I got to walk back to my office on a glorious sunny day. So today has been a good day 🙂


365 Day Blog challenge Day 164 Networking #365daychallenge

Much better day today. Whatever brought the anxiety on yesterday has gone and I felt much happier today. I had a meeting with a local women’s network at work to look at how they can shape their coming year and where I could fit in with this.

I’ve tried a few voluntary things at work as extras in an effort to build up skills gaps and discover more about such a huge company and they haven’t worked out. I left this one feeling much more positive.

I’ve also managed to get myself signed up on their communications team. This is great for me as I can network, find out more about the breakdown of the civil service and who works where and it will give me some skills that I feel are missing not least the opportunity to learn to publish content on our intranet.

So I’m looking forward to how this will pan out. It feels like it will be more productive than past attempts and if it works I’ll achieve more. And that makes me a happy employee 🙂

365 Day Blog challenge Day 152 In 12 months time #365daychallenge

I went to a workshop today where they played a TED Women talk. It was about time management but one of the interesting things I heard was about where you wanted to be. She mentioned how we may be at the time of end of year appraisals at work where you are asked what you want to get out of the next 12 months.

Her advice was to think about the ‘next’ end of year appraisal (so in 2019) and to picture that and to picture where you are at that meeting. Then when you go to the current meeting you no exactly what to ask for to achieve it.

So for me I could visualise in 12 months time being at the next grade or moving in my grade to the front end of the work we do whereas I’m currently assuring work after it’s completion. I’d rather be at the front. So in 2019 I’d be doing that job. What do I need to achieve that? Work that out then at my end of year appraisal ask for the opportunities to move me towards it.

I like the idea of visualising and working backwards. Sadly we’ve had our end of year but I can still use it to let people know what opportunities I’m looking for and work towards getting them.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

365 Day Blog challenge Day 144 Work #365daychallenge

I am so tired this week. As much as you have a week off you get into bad routines or I do at least. I’m not a morning person so when I’m not at work I stay up late and then sleep late in the morning. Having to go back to 6am wake ups is hard. It’s no wonder I’m  always grumpy in the morning!

It’s been a quiet week but I’ve made the decisions I alluded to in an earlier post and have applied for 2 new jobs. One would involve me having to spend half a week in London and half back here in Leeds. The other is a development programme. It’s anyone’s guess as to how well I’d do in either.

The London one was to put your name forward. If too many people do that then it becomes a formal application process. The development programme is open to lots of people and will depend on how well I’ve written the competencies. It’s not my strongest thing and I haven’t had chance to get anyone to look over them so I’ll take it as a learning exercise and take the feedback. Then again I said that about the application I had for this job and I got through!

There’s also been plenty of learning as I’m covering someone else’s job role for a few weeks. I don’t mind as I often find my job a bit routine. This is also a routine same thing on a fortnightly basis but it’s different to my usual work so I’m still enjoying the change.

And change i think is what I’m ready for. I felt like this once before. I’d had a period of going nowhere that I’d either not noticed or ignored. Once I realised what had happened I decided I wanted change and I’d do what was needed to achieve that. I’m a big believer in Law of Attraction and putting things out to the universe. It’s kind of a way of positive thinking in that what you put out there as a wish you can bring into your life. Got to be careful as there are ways of doing this negatively. For example if you focus on the negative aspects of being poor you’ll never have any money (yeah I’m still working on this one. I find it hard)  but if you focus on that dream job or better job, imagine yourself doing it, picture yourself in that team and so on you can bring it about.

So that will be my weekend, lots of positive job role thinking, looking at how I can bring some job role changes into my life. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

365 Day Blog challenge Day 129 Big yourself up #365daychallenge

I had my end of year meeting at work today. For us we have to write 300 ish words stating what we have done over the year. There’s a set of benchmarks to measure yourself against while you do it.

Tomorrow I have to re-write mine because I missed huge chunks out of it. While I said how well my day to day work went I didn’t say how I achieved some of the work I’ve done. I’ve had to deal with difficult stakeholders, manage some terrible expectations and shmooze some data analysts to get data from them. I simply said I got a commission and did the work!

But I aslo missed off how much I’ve supported my colleagues in between my own day job to enable them to meet their targets too. For me I would always try and help someone but it can’t be happening enough for it to be put as an industry’s key work objective.

But it made me think how much do we sell ourselves short? Some of the problem finding I’ve done on commission has led to major changes within the benefit system. I should be standing up and being proud of that. Shouting my name from the rooftops to say look at me I’ve helped fix some major issues.

Instead I wrote some notes about helping a colleague then deleted them as ‘not important’.

So more challenges! Time to start bigging myself up. We often, in the civil service, will point someone out and say how did they get their job. They’re useless/don’t do much etc etc. Actually what they do is let people know they exist and write some competencies saying how wonderful they are. That’s my 2018/19 work task then. If I want to develop and move up the ladder I have to start doing that myself.

It’s hard I think though to go around telling everyone how fab you are. Mostly we put ourselves down. I’m bloody good at my job so now I need everyone to know that now. I’ve told you, now I need to tell my employers 🙂

365 Day Blog challenge Day 128 Work Work Work #365daychallenge

Today is a long day of travel and a team meeting. As much as I hate getting up extra early on a morning I don’t mind sitting on trains. It gives me chance to catch up on some reading. I don’t like having to do it as a return journey. Tomorrow is 3 hours to the venue and 3 hours back. I’ll probably be able to finish a whole book! My day won’t end there though as it’s my dads birthday and I’ll have to nip in and at least say hello and leave a card.

So this is a blog post that’s not actually a post at all, just some filler so that I can meet my daily challenge!

I didn’t factor when I started this that there would be days when work would take over not allowing me to write something more meaningful. I thought there may be days like Xmas where nothing much would be posted but didn’t think about getting ill and not wanting to do anything or being at work for far too many hours. I was more worried about writers block.

So I hope that you are having/ have had (depending on where you are in the world) a lovely day and I will be back tomorrow in a very happy mood as I’ll be 2 days closer to some well deserved time off work!