365 Day Blog challenge Day 180 Meaningful May: People #365daychallenge

According to tomorrow’s Action for Happiness Meaningful May calendar the action is to spend some face to face time with people who matter. Tomorrow is also the royal wedding and some big boxing event and the FA Cup football finals so I intend to avoid all social media where possible (except for writing this blog) and go hide in the woods or somewhere peaceful. So I did tomorrow’s action today.

My friend became a grandma 8 months ago. She invited myself and another friend to come and have a coffee and lunch with her and her daughters and the lovely baby. We all met in the coffee shop and just had a couple of hours with no intrusions from the real world. Lots of talk about the new baby and our grown up babies. Catching up on life.

Sometimes it’s good to switch off for a while, let go of life’s daily stresses and strains and focus on the good or in our case the little boy who is wanting to stand up and move and see everything with his innocent eyes.

So I’m totally at peace today. I’ve had a meaningful afternoon and am nice and chilled out. All fired up for ignoring the TV tomorrow 🙂


365 Day Blog challenge Day 177 Change of Plans #365daychallenge

I go back to work tomorrow after 6 sunshine filled days. I was meant to be having a long weekend in Ibiza, Spain after winning a competition but sadly it didn’t work out. I’ve posted numerous blogs on the state of my finances and despite hotel and most food paid for I couldn’t pay for the rest. Plus my passport is about to run out so I would have had to find the £85-ish to renew that first as well.

This is where I get fed up and my mood swings drop. I made the mess thanks to my mental health and I accept that and am taking steps to fix it. I’ve just under another 2 years left before I can be debt free. Most of the time I get by but sometimes I just want to be like everybody else and be spontaneous with trips.

My recently retired boss is on her 2nd holiday this year. Everyone around me is talking holidays even if it’s a week in this country. I’m desperately hoping that we get a bonus this year so I can look at the £99 2 day trips so I can have something. I know the next 2 years will fly by and I’ll be able to make up for everything I feel I miss out on now and I try not to have regrets as what’s done is done.

However lets be positive as that is what this blog page is all about. I could have spent the 6 days feeling sorry for myself and despite what the above paragraphs might say I haven’t done that. Instead I spent the time smashing my to-do list.

I painted the cupboard after saying I would for the last 18 months. I cleaned out the shed, I gave the garden two cuts and it’s now ready to be dug up so I can start looking towards the plans I have when the debts are paid. And I’ve finished and sent in my assignment 12 days early! Today I’ve done very little. I think I deserve at least one day just chilling and reading (although I did take advantage of the library 10p book sale – even my budget can’t argue with that amount)

Tomorrow is back to work although only for 2 days then it’s my weekend again.

365 Day Blog challenge Day 174 To-do lists #365daychallenge

I wrote a blog the other day that said I was rubbish at getting things done because I’m too laid back. It also mentioned that I was going to try and stick to the goals that I had committed to this month.

Well I have not only stuck to my goals but have completed them 2 weeks early! The grass is cut (and will need more work but I’ve at least done the bit I said I would), the cupboard has been de-cluttered and painted and I’ve cleaned out the shed. This then gives me lots of time to myself for the rest of May but also means I should probably start a to-do list for the garden.

I’ve still got 3 days left before I go back to work. I finished my story for my end of module university assignment and have roughly 300 words left to do of the commentary and my references so I’m even ahead of myself in that as it doesn’t need to be sent in for another 12 days.

I would like to say I will be really good at sticking to targets in future but I’d be lying. At the minute I’m just trying to harness the positivity and energy I have at the minute.

365 Day Blog challenge Day 165 Meaningful May #365daychallenge

The latest calendar for Action for Happiness is about Meaningful May with today being all about uploading photos or sharing three things that you find meaningful or memorable. Today I have managed to get in my lunch time walk. I love doing this for the exercise but with the little route I have I get to spend 20 minutes sitting with a hot drink and my book before I have to go back to work.

After work I am going for a meal with some friends who I haven’t seen since before Christmas. So many things have happened since then that I haven’t been able to make the monthly meetings so this is an idea time to reconnect.

And then the third thing to give my day meaning is this blog. I’ve got into the habit of writing now. I think the habit has really helped me learn things about myself even if sometimes I can’t think of anything beyond posting a meme that had some impact. It’s definitely been one of the more positive actions I’ve started recently

So that’s my three things for today. There’s actually a fourth one but I ended up writing so much about it I’m saving it for tomorrow 🙂

365 Day Blog challenge Day 115 Football and knitting #365daychallenge

This morning I had a brief twitter conversation with an ex-footballer who was advocating knitting as a mood booster for depression. It’s something I can really endorse. I was taught to knot as a child. I had a childhood form of arthritis which caused lots of pain in my hands and knee joints so I couldn’t move about too much. The use of the knitting needles helped keep my fingers a bit more supple and stopped them seizing up.
As an adult I knitted as a form of self care. There’s something wonderful in watching your creation grow whether it’s a simple square or a complex pattern. At 12 I was crafting loads of cable knit clothes (it was the 80’s..) and toys. These days I love doing squares and putting them together as rugs or blankets.
I think crafting of any form is great for depression and as a mood booster. Just sitting down and creating something from scratch. Whether that’s knitting, crochet, felting, writing, drawing, building shapes from playdoh & clay.
One of the great things I saw about this twitter post was that it came from a man. Knitting is often only discussed in terms of the feminine yet there are some great pattern creating males out there. I hate the phrase man up and the connotations that men should bottle up depression and not talk and the idea that they do makes them less in some way. I have depression but so does my son. If he hadn’t been encouraged to talk he may not be here now as at one point he couldn’t see a future.
His crafting and creating comes from photography.
So it’s great to see a public figure firstly talk about depression but secondly being open to all forms of self care.
I’ve never been a big football fan but I am a fan of inspirational people and this was something great to see today

365 Day Blog challenge Day 110 – Busy Thinking Nothing #365daychallenge

I’ve had a busy but very rare week where I’ve hardly thought at all. I’ve limited my time on social media so I’ve not got wound up by the endless negative posts and political tweets. I’ve not been reading any self help books so I’ve not had to think about past issues, how to move forward or change myself in anyway.

I’ve not worried about money despite spending two days in London away from home. I have completely for the last 6 days let go of everything and just lived in the moment and it’s been glorious.

My only concerns have been around public transport and getting to and from London (poor train services) and the sudden snow on ungritted roads meaning working from home. Even that didn’t cause much issue for me as I have a laptop, the systems were working for once and I got plenty done.

I need to try this again sometimes. I’m feeling very zen right now which is kind of a  good thing as this weekend is all about my next uni assignment. Then again that’s 90% done so I just need a conclusion and a brief write up of my writing process.

This week the world has been so bright I’ve needed shades.