365 Day Blog challenge Day 2 – About Me #365daychallenge

I posted yesterday about attempting to do a 365 day blog challenge. For day 2 I thought I’d introduce myself for any more recent followers.

As a school kid I loved writing and especially creative writing and it was something I thought at the time I’d like to carry into a career. However life gets in the way and 30 years later here I am. However I was once asked the question of whether I had achieved the goal and it made me re-assess what I wanted out of writing. I realised that I am happy sharing stories, book reviews, travel adventures and other things. I still do some creative pieces and have posted them throughout this blog but being a published author isn’t something I must be any more. Maybe one day I will sit down and write a book. I have some family stories that would be great novelisations but I think that writing time is not now

I like things to be a bit compartmentalised my interests have been spilt into 4 blogs and the links to the others are below. Please take a look and give them a follow.

Family Tree (www.kzwhite.wordpress.com ) – this one has not been updated in a very long time but my aim for 2018 is to re-start this. I love genealogy and have traced my family back to medieval times. Turns out my line were once royalty with my 24x great granddad being King John and making Richard the Lionheart a very distant uncle! It’s not all glamour though as only a 100 or so years ago my family were in the work houses and life was definitely not as grand

Book Reviews ( http://www.kirk72.wordpress.com)– I love to read. I’m never without a book and with the aid of my kindle I’m never without several hundred books! I used to be a paper book snob however as I get older and my eyes get weaker sometimes kindle is the better option. I review books for publishers through a website called netgalley and you can find those reviews under this link as well as any other book that may be of interest

Travel blog (www.travelpalooza.wordpress.com) – I used to travel a lot. Then I had my mental health & money issues so big travel took a back seat. Now I travel within my financial means which limits me to UK & Europe but my continent is so beautiful and full of history this isn’t actually a hardship. One thing I found with this blog is people love pictures so there are always photos of my travels. I also have to work away from home now and again so you get little snippets of time spent in other cities as I whoosh through

I had a look through a few monthly blog challenges and picked out some interesting ones so over the next few days I’ll share more about work, life and everything else. All from the positivity point of view



Starting my new business

I haven’t updated this page in 3 months. I’ve been so busy trying to start up my holistic business. Talk about hard work and I’m only aiming for part time alongside my day job (for now).

Anyway just a short post – I’ve got a bunch of posts on my various blogs to do over the next few days but I wanted to share my newest one. This is my business one. I’m really proud of it. It covers the type of things I offer as well as (to me) a fab new book club. It’s based in Leeds but feel free to read the book and leave some comments on the post.


The details of book club are on both a post and it’s own part of the website.

Please feel free to give me a follow and if you are in the are come along and try some treatments


Our Impact on Others

It’s funny how we make decisions and offers without ever looking at the impact on other people. There’s so much negativity around at the minute that I thought I’d concentrate on the positive ways we can do this.
For example a few months ago I had the opportunity for a long weekend away at a discount price. I looked at my friends and whipped off an email asking if one of them would like to go. I based this simply on the fact that like me she liked Disney.
What I didn’t know is this friend has never been abroad and rather than just a fun few days away from home, it’s a much bigger deal – her first holiday in another country, buying a passport and all the excitement that first time brings. No wonder she responded in seconds!
I have without thinking offered her an amazing opportunity.
In my day job I work with people on state benefits. They have to attend appointments on the same day every fortnight. On this occasion my customer asked if he could come in a day late. Why? So he could get married and spend two days at a hotel nearby. He was prepared to rush back if I said no. There’s a whole other article that could be written on the idea and fear that someone wouldn’t be granted this but it’s a positive blog. Anyway, of course I arranged for him to come in a day later. It’s no big deal for me just like the email about a holiday was no big deal.
But if course it was for them. They were getting married! They had their two days away and when he came in to see me I was given a little gift of bath salts with a lovely proverb on and message. Absolutely lovely present but on both occasions I don’t think I did anything special.
So I guess the message is to think before you act. These were positive actions and if I’d never asked my friend about a  trip she may not have been any the wiser but so easily a throw away comment or declining a request can have devastating impacts while you go on your merry way. If we all gave thought to how our actions impact on others we may be quite surprised by the results

Visualising Part 1 – Me, myself and I

I’m currently sat trying to work out what I want as an ideal body. According to The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Cosmic Ordering and all the other manifestation books if you sit and work out exactly what you want and write it down you will get it. But it’s hard when you aren’t actually sure what you want.
I’ve been overweight so long that trying to imagine me with a perfect figure just seems impossible. I nearly wrote unrealistic but that’s actually damning myself before I try. I have an interim weight I’m working towards but it’s not the end result and will still actually leave me overweight.
Some books guide you to thinking about maybe a celebrity body to aspire to but I don’t really like that as I only want to be me. And most of these are unachievable without the aide of personal chefs and trainers none of which I can afford. So me…who do I want to be?
I know what I don’t want…I’m not fussed by being a size 6 (US size2 I think??) I’d be happy as a 12. The last time I wore a size 12 I was 20 so that’s a quarter of a century ago. I think smaller may not suit an older face or if I can carry it off. Something new to think about when I reach the mythical figure.
I think for now I want to try and visualise my interim weight. It’s one attached to some personal memories as it’s a weight I was before my last breakdown and while I did back then want to lose weight I wasn’t hating my body or potentially damaging my health.
I’m trying to avoid calorie counting or working out a points system. I’m trying to eat better and walk more. Some health problems (frozen shoulder/trapped nerves) mean I can’t do much exercise that involves waving my arms about! So walking…walking is good and hopefully will lead to running. And cutting out chocolate and too many cakes. Eating good foods does pay off; my first week back eating healthily I had a really good weight loss but still had a meal out, some fish and chips and a few packets of crisps so it is possible to have fun and be healthy. So back on it…the re-invention of me, myself and I.
Now to try and visualise my perfect career…an even scarier thought!

How I came to love crystals

I’ve always had an interest in the esoteric, the spiritual, ghosts and ghoulies. My mum and gran used to tell me tales of an old aunt that was a spiritualist and I grew up (and still live) besides a cemetery. But until recently I rarely used crystals.

Then one day at a workshop on manifestation (vision boards not more ghosts but that’s for another blog) our trainers mentioned a course in crystal therapy. I decided to go along. If nothing else it would be fun. I left thinking where had they been all my life!

Crystals come from the earth, from rock formations. They all have unique identities and energies. Part of the first workshop involved either handling them or sitting in circles of a certain type of crystal. And you can feel the difference! You can feel the love sitting in a circle of rose quartz. When surrounded by flourite I felt a lovely soft but invigorating breeze and I can’t go anywhere near orange calcite without getting the giggles.

I gave my son a blue lace agate crystal. He had been suffering from depression after a string of problems. He’s autistic so has always had communication problems as well. On top of that he’s a typical dour Yorkshireman. I asked him to have this crystal to help him. He rolled his eyes and told me to stick it on a shelf (his typical response). Several days later I noticed it move from the shelf to his bedside. Then one day he called me and told me he’d broken it . The crystal had absorbed so much of his negative energies healing him the blue had faded and in it’s place a lovely thin gold band appeared. That doesn’t happen to everyone but it did give me faith in the journey I was undertaking. And it’s always a lovely story to tell

(I currently have him doing some life coaching & goal setting so will update on this story later but it continues to be positive).

Going on the second course felt like I’d never been away. So much lovely energy in the room and I felt like this was the way I needed to go. I suffer from a frozen shoulder and arthritis in my knees & feet. Working with crystals all day often works more effectively at managing pain than medication. So not only do I get to help others but it aides me at the same time. Not many other jobs can say that!


Spring is here and so is my new business…

That’s it! I’ve finally done it. I’ve started my own holistic therapy business. I’m a little bit in shock. The nice shock from when you have finally achieved a huge goal and milestone in life. It’s something I had an interest in when young but that was blocked during my depression wilderness years. I’ve reignited the love as I’ve healed myself and is something i want to now share with others

It’s not perfect but if I wait for perfect it will never happen. Short of winning the lottery (and I would have to start playing the lottery) I have to start small.

In an ideal world I would have my own centre and the time to open as and when I chose. In the real world I have to start small and work part time alongside my day job. Hopefully business will grow enough that I can reduce work hours or leave altogether and just do my therapies.

In the real world I also have to work from home to start with. Not having a spare room I’ve been turning my living room (den?) into a therapy room. Many things have been moved upstairs. The couch has to stay as does the TV however that will be covered. I hope that by the end of the year I’ll have saved up enough to be able to rent a room somewhere.

I’ve called the business New Beginnings. It’s a new beginning for me and hopefully for anyone I can help. So this is it…the start of my new journey. It’s an exciting one…


Seeing your world through other people’s eyes

In between changing jobs and returning to one I did 4 years ago I’ve been having fun finishing my crystal healing case study and practising on my friends. .While in the next few months I will be setting up in business and charging people for friends I don’t expect cash payment.

We were told on the course that if not charging cash you should still request an exchange. So how do you work out your worth? How do you define your time in bartering terms? In all honesty I would be happy if someone bought me a bun and a cup of tea but at the same time you don’t want to downplay the treatment you’ve given someone. So in the end I’ve left it for other people to decide.

So far I’ve been given a lovely friendship plaque, been bought a pizza and given the offer of someone to do some work in my garden. Another friend is going to treat me at a local Mind Body & Spirit fair and a further one today gave me a postcard with her hand-painted watercolour.

I actually feel strangely spoilt, forgetting I’m being paid for services. It feels more like people keep giving me presents and I forget it’s for services rendered. I’m going to make sure that once my business starts I do still do these swaps with friends. As much as the mortgage needs paying there’s something special about an exchange. It really doesn’t matter if that exchange doesn’t meet the rough estimate of a cash price; it’s the thought that goes into it. Plus it gives someone a chance to try something they may not have thought financially possible. It could even just be someone making you a meal. It’s the act of kindness that means the most